Subscriptions in RR2


There are currently 3 types of subscriptions, at the price is  around ~10€ ~ 50 € ~100€ 

Please write here if you like/dislike it, if its too expensive/cheap or we if need more kinds of subscriptions…

In my oppion we need a subscription that support the hero and helps to grow up. At the moment i think the subscription are too expensive.


Maybe this discussion can help flaregame to see what we want & need 

Too expensive to even have a look at.

Pro-Subscription is ok

Alliance Subscription? You have to pay 50€ to donate three times a day! Too much time consuming.

Kingdom subscription. 100€ for what? 



Thanks for the feedback.

Same a subcription to Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One just cost 1$ lol for something really big and huge. So when we see the price for RR2 the number its just unreal and I don’t think this attract someone for just a mobile game

If at least the price was like 5$ for the little one, 15$ for the second one and 30$ for the big one or more lower 

Its a game just a game not a car with a payment per month. Just reconsider to lower the price of like 60% or more and maybe people will be attracted more. Those price are just non sense. its just a mobile game with no value at all. Its not a car, a house or something really essential in life to make it so high in price

Well, the reason they do that is cause the Xbox cost almost $400 to begin with. It’s a low price for a subscription, sure, but I’m pretty sure they only have it that low because of the cost of the game console itself

Still though, I’d like to see flare lower the costs. Why? Well, if you think about it, if WN’s fact is correct and an Xbox sub is only $1, then probably 90% of people with an Xbox have that subscription. And there are millions with Xbox! Which means that even though the subscription was only a dollar, they made millions off of it! I’d like to see flare do the same thing! Lower price = more people buying

If you not follow all the news on PC,Windows and Xbox its ok to doubt about what I have say. If you have follow the Live event I think its was November 10th call Microsoft XO18 you know the Xbox Game Pass was offer to 1$ to all Xbox Fan. Of Course that was just for the month of November. That was a gift from Microsoft. Same if this offer is over now if you follow the apps Windows Central you have all the news about this. Same today buy a Xbox Game Pass or a Xbox Live Gold are bellow 10$ for 3 Month and below 30$ for 6 Month. Microsoft have understand low price = more people buying = more money

its obvious sadly Flaregames don’t have understand this obvious fact in business. If the subscriptions can be at the same price long time RR2 will not be in trouble like this and Flare will be more rich

Can be worst you know Flare is far the only one attracted and blood tasty by money at this point with non sense price stuffs. Scopely are worst than them trust me on that. in WWE Champions with the new update just to play 2 special roster you must spend 40$/month or 170$ for 6 month,etc. so Flare is far the worst blood tasty money attractive company. In the past I have thinking there was but now I know its not the case anymore

i know subscriptions from other mmorg games, there you got a stronger gameplay or something special

… i think you can do that to … you can provide subscription (pro)pals/guardians or HP/Boosts incease for example

i can imagine different offers in a price range from 5 € up to 30 € a monthly

… more is for a free 2 play game to expensive

Alliance sub is good if all alliance doing it.

but yes, subs too expensive