Sudden mandatory logoff

Ok, I know a lot of people comlain lately they have to be online too much to gain most benefit from all events. I dont argue with that and for sure don’ t want to put that up for discussion with this post, but I have the opposite problem.

It starts to get really annoying to get kicked out of the game all the sudden because I’ve been online too long, apparently. I get it, people have to have a chance to raid me, but I also have a responsibility to my team, especially during the conquest.

So, my suggestion to the devs is to give us a warning at least, lets say ten minutes in advance, before getting disconnected… Just so you can give some last orders before being sent to the dark (temporarily) oblivion :).

No real biggie, I would say…

Kind regards, 



How long are you online for this too happen? Never had it happen to me so you must be online 2, 3, 4 hours straight? What do you do for that long?

Yup lol, I think it happens after 4 hrs straight online, not sure though…     And to answer your question, not doing much ingame  just watching TV, working on my laptop etc. with my tablet aside, but always one eye fit on it lol…  Especially during conquest my team needs guidance most of the time, so I keep an eye out…  And I got the time, got to admit…  Not always but often


Thanks for your suggestion. I will move this to the idea/feature request section.