Suddenly starts getting connection issues

Anybody also getting connection issues , for the last half n hr i m getting too many connection issues. As soon as i click on player name to raid , connection resets. All things working fine i jst cant raid.

Same here… Again and again

already reported here : 


Same here. ?


same here too

same problem

another thread says this…

We’re looking into it. Not sure what the problem is, but we’re on it.

it’s the same。。

Same here…help Flare!!!


Yesterday got disconnected twice during raid … not bothered thou as it was casual raid. Wud be pissed off if that was was or event. 

Works now but no pro rewards

Hello guys,

Thanks for letting us know. We performed a server maintenance, everything should be back to normal now. If not, please let us know in this thread.


Now connected. No pro league boxes ???  geez


Players are now missing pro league rewards and crystals after connection issues were resolved. 

Not me, got PL rewards as soon as I got on today. Got a couple crystals and stuffs. Still though, this happens almost every PL that someone doesn’t get their rewards…needs to be fixed

Unacceptable considering ticket price.