Suffering huge quantity of attacks

Good morning!

I don’t know what happened, but from last week I’m recieving 35-50 attacks daily. In before y used to have 4-6 daily. I had 11.000 trophies and now less than 10.000 and going down. Some of my teammates just go on with more than 10.500 and my sam level and skills

My nick name is Cosaco

There are several suggestions I can offer:

  1. Before, you have been in the intermediate state between the two borderline ascension values and have just reached the outermost one. All you need to do in this case is keep leveling or get more buffs/other strat, depending on your overall level

  2. The map MM is determined by the random generation, so it may well be the case that this week a new algorithm was applied based on your previous success. This should sort itself out in a couple of weeks, as you will stop getting strong people, ending up with weaklings not attacking a seemingly strong def. 

  3. Sometimes the MM puts you with the same people for too long and they learn how to beat your base quickly and easily. Change your layout often and this shouldn’t be the case.

Hi Cosaco,

You and I are in the same boat I am also losing about 200-300 trophies everyday.It is happening to me for the past two months.I have no problem in losing in Trophies but the main issue that I am facing is that in every two hour My heroes are being send back to mount Olympus. I have to hire fleet to keep them on islands with high resources.Another thing I would like to point out is this that the attack frequency is increasing.The players attacking me are 10 or 15 Ascension level higher than me.Also have more trophies than me.I hope CaptainMorgan or anyone from Flaregames answer this question why active players are being punished brutally in this game.


Hey guys,

We are discussing potential changes to the way that Heroes are sent back to Mount Olympus. We realise the frustration with not being able to control this in a senseful way. Thanks for the feedback, please keep bringing it.


I want to tell you that at this moment I have the same problem as Cosaco, I suffer many attacks every day. I reached the 18,000 trophies but in less than 2 weeks I have already lost almost 800 trophies and continue attacking me very often. I thought it was going to last a few days but we’re going 2 weeks and it’s still going on. For more trophies that I win attacking islands during the day, in the night I lose the trophies that I won but a few more.
My user is Juanius Guerrero

I appreciate if you help me review because I like the game a lot but this does not motivate enough.

Thank you,

You need to be about level 130 to maintain 18000 trophies. Level up son 

I am close to level 130, I have level 129 and I am already with 17400 trophies but I still have consecutive attacks and I see that there are players with less level (example: 126 levels) than me with more trophies and they stay and do not lose as many trophies as me per day.

Level up. You’re 129 not 130. 

And the players who are lower level than you might have better defenses!

Correction, you have to be 130 or Mani

Jokes aside though, being that high is definitely a question of having all of the blessings, a good defense and the time to do between 200 and 500 battles a day to counter the attrition 



THANKS! For not doubleposting. I wish other people would do the same

I understood…
But I have a question, even when I will continue to lose 400 trophies per week?

@JuaniusGuerrero you will stop eventually. There is a level when you are mostly pared with people who cant pass your defense, while getting occasional patches of -15 trophies and some gems from those who can. Basically, the closer you get to the mean level of trophies for your level range, the more placid it gets. For instance, although I rarely do more than 10 battles a day, I stay within 9800 trophy range, as it is the equivalence point for lvl 116

@JuaniusGuerrero I’m in your same situation, this is a game that rewards lazy players and punishes active players, in fact you do not go ahead if you’re active but go ahead if you connect once a week just to make improvements. the caps are there and they are at all levels and many people are annoyed by this. It is an Orwellian game where the big brother tells you what you can do and what you can not do and is ready to punish heavily if you do not do the sheep that follows the flock

I would make the following correction . You eventually get to a point where there aren’t that many players still playing OR in your level/trophy bracket, and you only get hit when you grind so much that you get matched a disproportionate amount AND your trophy count gets high enough that you start to be worth 15 to even the high level players. The top level players that a high level player with over 18000 trophies gets paired with can get at least 95% with no invos on every single player in the game when they use one of their best heroes. But there just aren’t that many players in that bracket so it becomes easy to keep your trophies. 

Offense > defense


and never forget, the more you attack, the more you get matched to other players. So if you don’t want to lose trophies the secret is to stop grinding. Not only are you not raising your trophies above the equilibrium level, you also aren’t playing very much and are getting matched less often than a more active player. 

a game that punishes active players and rewards lazy players … I’ve been saying this for a year

They’re doing it specifically cause they don’t like you. 

if you want to improve your trophy count, ‘click’ upgrade barricade etc, to maintain the lvl after everything has been max’d you just have to play a stack of battles everyday.

as I have passed the 18,000 trophies here is what happened 42 trophies lost in 11 minutes, this explains how active and “clever” players with forges are punished heavily. Like everyone else in 11 minutes I can recover 9 trophies, what is this a game made to lose? @CaptainMorgan how long will you continue with the ridiculous excuse of breaking the game? more break than this where you want to find it? Do you realize that the more you are active and the more you are punished? do you think it’s good for the game? keep in mind that if a player attacks some gems he uses it but with your punitive policy it is not advisable to attack so do not even use the gems do you realize it? I imagine that as usual you will avoid answering because you do not have credible answers to give


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