Sugar Cane Candies


Any leaked news on the new event?          :wub:


There will be exclusive items that you can acquire only during a limited period of time.

Similarly to the Zombie event, you will be able to play with Yetis who have special abilities!

There will be more reveals on our social media channels in the incoming days. :grinning:

Great, but the 10 uber chest pack did not have any unique or good items. Booo…  :wacko:

Yetis, love the idea!

Next will be Bigfoot i hope :slight_smile:

Or the monster of Loch Ness or the aliens from Rosswell? :wink:

I know, the long man of Wilmington will be next, but don’t tell anybody.


Funny how the ninjas flopped… but that’s ok as long as they keep adding then the favorites can return.

I think its because the zombies added something new and the ninjas were just a insta of sorts.

I would like Irish beserkers who pay no attention to game, path and run around killing indiscriminately the opposing forces. Bit like hit and run so you would have

To be paying attention for the king to kill them if defensive ones.

that green giant is occupied right now