Sugestion for Designing Paths and Towers

Suggestion #1:

Building a path in the current 3D view is pretty hard. I have to struggle of dragging the path on my desired design. When I drag a path outside of my visible screen then the view will also move out by which then confuses me.

I suggest that the path design and tower / barricades placement should be 1 dimensional, just like viewing at the top of a chess board. Runes should be also visible on that view.


Suggestion #2:

I suggest that we can decide at which the tower faces (up, down, left, right, upper right, upper left, lower right, lower left).


Suggestion #3:

Please make a save map design option. Maybe 3 slots to save.



About Suggestion #2: Flaregames do this and every tower face route that you make. you can change it because it’s change balance and make game hard. We ask it and they answer it like me.

About Suggestion #3: I like your idea. It’s good.

You can see my topic ,too.


Your 3rd idea have been mentioned quite a few times , maybe they’ll consider it if theres more request

Need the save function!

Totally agree. We DO need a save function…

Save function please!

@suggestion 3: Definitely yes! Saving base layouts would be really helpful!

@suggestion 1: chess board view is 2D. 1D would be nothing more than a single infinitely thin line :wink:

@suggestion 2: sometimes it can be a bit annoying if towers face a different direction than you want. But basically, they always face the first direct path contact - or if no such contact exists, the first diagonal path contact. That Just makes sense for most cases and I guess a freely customizable orientation would be uncomfortable, especially on smaller displays like e.g. smartphones, might be exploited(?) and might require additional checks - to prevent you from accidently rotating a gargoyle tower completely away from the path, for example.


crash i think you mean ruin then

Yeah, ruin. Sorry, I am playing an RPG game with runes. Confuses me.

The third suggestion is vey needed ! I agree!

I wouldn’t use additional slots to keep more base designs for switching. Usually I just keep the design I like best.


But it seems to be a big help if you just want to try something out in your base. If it doesn’t work as intended, you wouldn’t have to recreate the complete original base, but could just click “reload” (or what it’s called) to roll back your changes.

definitely even easier for open base exploiter to hit just one button but on the other hand we all got used to that and it would be nice to save your last config.

Not just for open bases, but also for “compactified” bases that are used to “farm” gems from attacking players that think “oh, looks easy, let’s rush in there!” and then have to scroll/resurrect… It’s always nice to log back in after a day and have dozens of gems waiting for you! :wink:


Moreover, some people also like to change their bases a bit from time to time to make it harder for others that attack them every now and then - if you get familiar with a base, it is much easier to beat it, thus a few different layouts are good to keep your base challenging and surprising. :grinning:


Also, comparing different base layouts (say A,B,C) would be a lot easier as you could test them more easily without having to recreate A/B/C all the time…


And, last but not least, sometimes I just want to try out a certain tower combination or test some troop combinations for attacking - having a kind of “test design” to switch to would be kinda cool :slight_smile:


So, lots of uses for a “save defense” functionality :slight_smile:



Then, one important addition/remark : Saving the defense waves together with the base layout would be very helpful then! Different base layout require different wave troops (e.g. some more path overlap is good for gargoyles, frosters or mortars; a path with few/none overlap works better with ogres; etc etc…), and currently it is a quite troublesome process to change of your wave troops… even more time consuming and painstaking than changing the layout of path and towers.

Yeah, saving waves is as useful as saving path/tower.

This is for the players who like to do some experiment on defense design and fails a lot of times. Aaaaand that’s me.

it would be better if we also can save some of the wave patterns. so we can save 3-4 wave pattern for trrops… as its frustuated to change the wave pattern every time…