I have some suggestions for the game: 


1-Cooperative multiplayer mode: 

* In the dungeon are found some monsters, there could be a cooperative mode where players help each other in a sort of expedition to defeat “greatest” monsters, like a dragon or a kraken. 


2-PvP duels.

* Would not it be interesting if there was a system of duels between players? Without troops, only each player with his skills (read my suggestion 3), could work with shifts or be a battle in a field with obstacles. 


3-Advanced equipment system.

* Imagine able to increase the skills of your hero? Could be gained 1 point to increase his powers by level, and there could be classes of heroes, let your hero as an archer or as a mage, the troops could also be equipped with weapons and armor different to change your skills without leaving your base, example: the pyromancer use a clothing / specific weapon does he use volcanic rocks that cause some different effect than standard attack. 


4-Best in Animations spells. 

* The blizzard could be with his hero lifted his weapon above his head and the floor around his feet would snow. 


Those are my suggestions, what is your opinion of them?


The #2 is what I thought of. But ever since the game has started, the main goal is to destroy the Castle’s Gate (towers included), not the King. Flare would thought it would be a totally different game.

But #2 is a great idea indeed.

maybe RR three will have some of these

I do like #2

In my opinion, the new creatures cost too much points. This should be lowered …

if they were to be lowered at max level of each one they would be greatly overpowered

raise your waives!!!

please make your game on facebook that many people play this game on facebook :slight_smile:

Player versus player would be cool with castle gates or tents at both ends of the path.

I would like to have the possibility, to have more than one worker active on one building to reduce the time to finish …

No problem raise wave but to long abaout a week if ur wave above 26. Better lower days but hiher price more reasonable

Better than making RR3 would be updating RR2.

RR 2 not yet. 1 year no good just update RR 3 except all item and level RR 2 can be used to RR3 … Peace

Okay, just what are you trying to say? Should I recommend to you a good place for learning English?

i have an idea please make a chat in rr2 and reply of the game that i attack any player and i want to share with my friends then i can share

It was very nicely pointed out somewhere that within the first 5 battles in PvP mode, you’ll lose cos you are stunned constantly. And after that both players would be constantly stunned, so all the excitement will go away quite quickly :grinning:

Honestly I think this game should have a bow and arrow kind of weapon, I’ve also thought about  a lightning element as well