Suggested Games also for 6+

Hi guys, my son is 7 and he downloaded RR2 on his 6th birthday, at the moment he got his very first tablet. Now I recognised one or two inappropriate videos for gems or for double the gold he won in a fight. I reallly don’t want him to see the promo Walking Dead or anything else NOT 6+! (I don’t care about the business apps.) If RR2 is ok for children over 6 so should be every content, even the promoted apps. It’s your responsibility to keep the game safe for our children, because you made it 6+. The bloodbath in a few suggested games is really not ok for a sex-year-old. Or make RR2 16+ and I’ll tell my son not play with it anymore. 

Thank you for your respond!

I wish you a pleasant day!

Actually the game is only for 12+ so you wrong in primis to give it to him.

Are you kidding me? Stop your child right there.

How the hell your child download this game? And more importantly a 7 year child should be kept away from aggressive environment.