Suggestion : 3rd perk chances system

Hi !

A little message because I faced a problem many times in the game, so I will talk about my last sad experience : 

I paid 50 gems to remove a 3rd perk of an item, and had the XP bonus, but I didn’t want it so I waited the time needed and paid again 50 gems to change it. And then… XP bonus again… moreover it was less interesting than the previous one ! I knew I will have maybe several attempts to succeed to have the 3rd perk I was expecting, but having the same twice (and that’s not the first time I face it with the XP bonus) is REALLY frustrating when you have paid 50 gems for it.

So ! What I suggest :

  • Have a system that doesn’t offer you twice the same bonus

  • Have a system to go back to the previous perk if we are not satisfied without getting back the gems we paid and this choice will be permanent. Maybe it will be good to have a save of the previous perk (instead of delete it, it will be like transparent and inactive ?) and then when a new perk appear we can choose to have back the previous one or pick the new one ?

Thank you for your attention !

A tiny trick that might help you: When you pay 50 gems to remove a perk, close the game and open it again, then forge and you’ll get something different, it works most of the times, some players have said that the game automatically gives you the same perk if you pay 50 gems and don’t do that.

Oh ok ! Each time I did it, I didn’t close the game between removing the perk and forge again !

Sooo… I tried with your trick aaand… I got a different one ! And it was the one I was expecting for !! :wink:

So thank you very very much Karman ! :slight_smile:

Nice. Glad that it helped. I’ll close this topic as the doubt was answered. If you need something else, feel free to message me. Cheers :slight_smile: