Suggestion: Ability to add our Kingly names to our profile

Just throwing the suggestion out there. Constantly players are seeking others to attack their base and get feedback. Would be great if we could add our kings names to our profile. Could also help in assisting the support team, instead of having to keep asking what’s your account name. :wink:


Not sure if the forum software has that ability, but it would be cool. :slight_smile:

I like that idea. It would help players and be a nice function. I think something along those lines was actually planned. I will check up on this and get back to. Probably not before next week though.

Well, not exactly what was asked for, but another option:

You can edit your signature in your profile. As this is free text you can simply put your IGN / kings name there.

IPB has this option, and it’s really quite easy to enable it. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to set it up :slight_smile:

im already useing my ingame name :slight_smile:

what do you mean?

my forum name is my king name. no stupid hide and seek games or other kinds of BS games with me. im to old for that BS.

well, i have 6 rr2 profiles.

I advice : Need to be a MUST add his IGN in the profile to complete 100% the registration.

Why would you want this?

Some players might have several accounts, some might just not want to reveal their IGN. Why force them to?

I agree with Heroesflorian it is a could but never a must. every one can choose for him self.

Guys, this is actually already implemented. You can enter your King’s name under “In-game name” in your profile once you click “Edit my profile”. :grinning:

Exactly and agreed.


Though the last posts revolved around that request:

(Making IGNs a must instead of option)


Plus another argument against that: Most would just enter any IGN names (including nonsense text) into the field if it was required.