suggestion about battle reward and forge

Hi, my suggestions are pretty simple:

why don’t add exp as reward of the battle? I mean, other than the normal exp you get from winning/losing, but the possibility to find “exp points” (like gems and perls) in the chests at the end of the battle.

second suggestion: a page, like the one that show you what you are improving (units, spells or buildings) but that tell you what you can forge. This will make everything faster, sometimes i lose lot of time checking tower by tower, block by block, etc…



1st Suggestion: Love this idea, Olympus Rising has this already implemented. With how much XP it is to level up, I’d prefer to get around 10k if you find it instead of the 30 you get in OR (but maybe that’s just me because I was low level :grinning:  )

2nd Suggestion: I do believe this has already been suggested. You are saying a forge page that is similar to the upgrade page, right?

Thanks :slight_smile:

about the second one, yes. Just to save time and make it easyer

He’s right, it’s been suggested at least 3 times before lol

But hey, the more the merrier amirite?

don’t like the idea of xp in rewards, if you want xp put xp gear on / fight more.