Suggestion about crash problem

Hi flaregames.

Perhaps, flare knows how serious the problem of game crash is, especially during the war season.

I know your service team do their best to fix it but as you know, too many times has passed and nothing has changed. Whenever upgrading the game, more frequently happened.

So,  I suggest one reasonable method.

Simply, eliminate getting bonus skulls from C.o.F after clearing the opponents.

But, it is not quite simple thing because the number of skulls ate related to getting chests. 

So, how about adopting bonus skulls directly for the opponents by the ranks.

Ex.  If we clear ranked 1 who is upper 95 level, we can get 1015 skull with skull perks % and 100 bonus skull directly without opening c.o.f.

That might be quite fare.

Currently,  it is reeeeeeeeally unfair.  

We can stand about not getting other chests including items,  perls, germs or gold. It is okay as long as flare cannot fix crash problem. 

I play game since I want to release my stress but nowadays, I got more stress due to crashes.

Maybe, flaregame lost chance to get more money coz we do not spend germs to open additional skull bonus.

You can make us spend germs during the war season.

Ex. Make us spend germs to buy bread only for playing on the war map. Increase num. of bread. 

Please, accept my suggestion.

If you can not fix for crash right now, the game is unfair.  Really. Really.


My game account : heavenstar


you are right +1


Flare will ignore this, since many players already asked to remove skull reward from chests. First it always was on third chest, forcing players to spend max 45 gems per raid for getting the skull reward. Only thing they changed is moving it to first chest, but lately it feels like first try is more often incorrect as it used to be, it could be just a feeling, but I doubt it, since more and more players are telling about being more infortunate.

Add the crash after a succesfull raid that happens sometimes, then you realise that skull rewards should be removed. Strange part of that crash is that it still adds your skulls plus raid as succesful, so they have a hint at which point they should focus to find the bug causing the crash.

We have asked may times to remove those skull rewards and like I said in another topic, we are ignored, like we speak a foreign language that they refuse to understand. As answer we get that some players like those skull rewards. When we ask who it becomes very silent, since the only ones liking that skull reward are working at the flaregames office. That’s mnatural, since everybody hates to spend gems for getting the reward after a failure. If the reason is to stimulate attacking the strongest players at start of war, then just give more skulls for them, it’s as simple as that.

The skull reward is too easily manipulated.

  • During a war season, players can start to dump trophies outside the war to some players of an opponent, raising opponents easy players trophy level and dropping their own. The player who gets those trophies will climb on the alliance rankings and give more skulls.
  • A player can open his base during recess and be much lower on the alliance rank as he should be.

How can this system be fair? Simple answer, it isn’t fair. skulls should depend on hero level, no more no less. When a team has a player with a defense that’s easy beaten by other teams, either shield the player or tell him to improve the base.

Our only hope is the info that war seasons are going to change in a way. How is still a mystery, but I hope that the skull reward will be replaced. Just give an extra skull for every second left when raiding succesful, that would make already a difference between wars. Also give penalty points for using scrolls and there you go, no need for skull rewards. Better raiders are rewarded.

Very “mature” behaviour of you kid, you should be ashamed trying to pretend you are me. And no, I am just ignoring your notifications, I am not to stupid to see them.

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Here some  advice, get a life instead of abusing someones name. Thanks staff for removing the insults towards me, I appreciate it.

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Can’t see the insulting post anymore. The person probably banned. Good!