Suggestion About New Feature In RR2

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I Like To Intoduce New Feature In Game That We Can Share Our Gems To Alliance Members For Example That I Am In The Great Jimingos Alliance So All Member Share His Gems To Me So I Can Upgrade Alliance  Tower But This Can Do Only On Trusted Person Not For All Member Because There Are Lot Of Jumper In Game They Come In Your Alliance And leave So This Can Done On Trusted Person Please Share Your Ideas About This New Feature So Free Player Also Upgrade Alliance Tower And Help His Alliance.




Emperor VS

Yes, I am in favour of your idea Bro. This will make free players life easy and same time, makes alliance stronger, so that more boosts can be activated.

Share gems could make the game too easy for all where nobody will have problem of gaining gems because you can get them easily by other alliance members. Although i don’t think devs will do a thing like this, you should set some rules to share gems, otherwise you can get infinitely gems and you can understand that becomes then too much easy the process and no more hard irritations as we are usually to do ^^


However i’d suggest you to use the search function before create new identical topic, because there are already many like this. I link you the main topic where discuss in case of you wanna further debate:

Too much spamming on this topic. Me and many others would strongly oppose this because as generals and leaders because people like you (who are jumpers) will jump to one alliance into another begging for gems

this is impossible, people will start doing another account then transfer all gems to his main account thru alliance gem transfer system that you are talking about.


it possible with requrement. example. someone with Ign: Lookup will transfer 50 gems to Ign: Lookin. then he must have 550 gems on his account. and maybe gems delivery just 25 gems to Lookin because there other requrement. and you know that a new account just get less then 500 gems.


Jumper!!! I think they only searching for elite boost. and leeve before war. and one more inportant, if its accepted by flaregames. every gamer can earn money from transfering gems… like other famous game, Dota that can sell any item to other player.


however. its gonna help very much.

-1 :slightly_frowning_face:

I am against this idea.

Sounds like socialism in my video games!

Yuck, I hate it enough in my country!

this is like giving someone your netflix password… -1

-1 takes one rich player to buy the biggest gem package then just share them out