Suggestion about towers.(to make more variety and strengthen weak tower)

So,all high lv players use either snake,firebolt and skull.So why not we make a change for that?So my suggestion:Creating new standard of tower.When we get to certain lv,we can upgrade the tower to a whole new standard.Example:Arrow tower change to Crossbrow tower.New ability-Shoot poison arrow and do more damage.(I will explain more ideas later).Like the spell tower,there is a special one for scroll.So,we do the same for the tower upgrade.(Note:The tower will only be unlocked at a certain lv so balance can be made).Like normal,the tower will start at lv 1 but arrow tower will no longer exsist.The tower icon and the picture of the tower will be changed.Here’s the rest of the idea:Bomb tower change to Explosive tower(I don’t have ideas for the name on bomb tower).New ability-Bomb explode instantly.Ice tower change to Frost tower.New ability-Can shoot like fb tower and spray ice like normal.(because too weak).Gargoyle tower change to the Gargoyle tower.New ability-Won’t stop spraying lava anymore.Snake,Firebolt(FB) and Skull Tower does not need to be improved because it is already too OP.How this idea?