Suggestion:Allow us to buy extra slot for wave,spell and troops

Can you implement this?You can make money and statisfy customers.

For what do you need that? If that happens, then all buy the accessories, and then we are back where we are today.In my view, totally unnecessary.


Every base is beatable, you must only use many spells.

The only winner in this spiral of spending money is Flaregames.

Yes. It’s not good idea.

“The only winner in this spiral of spending money is Flaregames.”

Accept too.


May be before,top players(who have maxed out waves-40 morals) need extra slot for waves but after update,monsters occupy lot of morals so extra slot not needed.


Extra slot for spell make attack easier,affect balancing.


But extra slot for troops is really fun after monster update

Like for example 1.I like to use cannon at start of attack,gargoyle not much effective as they died themselves but If I hv forth troop option I really like to spam gorgoyles at the end to take down castle gate because of their speed 2.mummies are weak when skull tower near by,so I don’t use mummies when I attacking a base which has lot of high lvl skulls.But still If i hv forth option i like to use mummy against wave when no skull near by and at the castle gate also. 


And this extra slot for troops don’t really affect balancing of things because we can only spam limited amount of troops depending on leadership.  :grinning:

Wouldn’t say no to an extra slot of magic. kinda sucks that I had to leave firestrom and swordrain to oblivion after the last 2 spells came

I still consider Sword Rain to be a decent spell even at late game. It’s good for quickly taking out a wave set up full of frosters sniping you from the other side and slowing down your advance. 

We’re going to die only by defence troops in a few seconds… My answer is NO

“Late game?” Impossible to not have heal with snakes.

Knights + Cannons, lol 

You haven’t even reach “mid game” yet. You haven’t reached 2400. How can you even say late game