Suggestion . Armour upgrades less dependant on luck

Hi all


Perk upgrades on armour should be less dependant on luck.


The easiest way to implement this while keeping the system as it is, is simply reduce percentage of getting the “X” perk we’re removing by spending gems, while increasing the others.


It’s incredibly frustrating spending gems to remove a perk just to get it back again after using more pearls…

This way you would still waste gems for an basic feature of the game, but it would make it a bit better …

I know, but at least it would feel less random and less frustrating. The fact that it would still require gems would just mean that Flare would actually look into it, because that’s what they like.

Another idea could be the increase of percentage of the perk you actually want, by using gems.

The idea here is a system that would actually allow you to tweak as you see fit to your own favorite playstyle, instead of just random, which is infuriatingly frustrating.

Come on guys, give this one a bump, share some constructive ideas to change this system that simply doesn’t allow proper customization being solely reliant on luck.




We can already spend gems to forge perks, just pay for the cooldown to end  :stuck_out_tongue:  

Yes, but you still depend on luck. What I’m trying to purpose is something that while it’s still reliant on gems, it also allows proper customization, instead of a round robin…

Well, I was joking. But in fact, your suggestion is bad because if Flare made that idea it would be only for more cash-milking. We have enough gem exploiting features in the game…

From your answer you actually think you use less gems now? If you say that, you probably have on your armor stuff you don’t actually want in it. Because at the moment you have no chance of spec’ing your armour to your favorite playstyle without having to go through the frustration and huge and huge spending of gems trying to get it to work your way.

The way I’m suggesting would reduce the amount of gems spent, while allowing you to actually spec as you see fit without the frustration of that round robin.


Well, yeah, I don’t use gems at all, just for gold shields. I want to forge a gear I just need pearls and some luck, which is ok because the max amounts of tries it will take you to forge that perk more is two. Increasing pearks for gems will definitely make players spend way more gems.

And yeah, I’ve usually gotten useless stuff as third perk on my gear, but no way I’ll spend gems to take it out, I don’t even bother to make it work on my way, I just play normally as I would.

This what I mean. For you to take proper advantage of that third perk, nowadays not only you have to pay gems to take it out, but again spend pearls to TRY to get something useful. What I’m suggesting it’s a way for us to get that “something useful” that is less reliant on TRIES, and thus less reliant on this craze of gem\pearl spending that simply does not allow proper customization simply because its a Freakin roulette which is totally unfair.

I agree with you both, but I believe that this is more about those who are willing to spend on gems should be able to get something in return for their money.

For instance Karman, when u spend gems and buy a shield you get that shield. Imagine if Flare made it random and sometimes you got a shield and other times you didn’t.

So bump from me :grinning:

P.s. miss you Karman xx

I agree with this as well, nicely put “Theanimaljammer”, It would certainly help if that option is there…