Suggestion: Change the look of the gears

I would love being able to change the look of the items, so at least my hero’s outfit is more uniform!!

Every time I see my hero wearing different styles of items, it feels a bit strange to me.

Tell me how you guys think about this.

Thank you!!!


Some games feature such a system. I am pretty sure that World of Warcraft already does this kind of thing. I understand that some players would want to change their King’s look and will pass your suggestion on. Since this would be a purely cosmetical change, I don’t think it is a high priority for now though.





You can just go to your throne room and click on your king crown symbol and change the color of any item or change the kings entire uniform by dragging the color shield on to the king


I think he means the look of individual items. Not just the color.

also a cosmetic thing jona having a male or female(king or queen) option might be nice and interest more women to play so they dont feel left out of the picture


Agreed. We know that many players want the option for a female avatar. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy to implement as many people think.

i figured that it isnt but have not heard it brought up yet so figured id toss it out there.

Hmmm new idea… New weapon. … Uzzy or magnum guns huhahaha. Maybe cowboy pistol… Latter new weapons are bazzzoka to nuclear so no meed armageddon using pearls

what about wings, so that the king can fly? And maybe even modes of transport for the king to move faster?

Or a scroll where you can teleport 3 or 4 block ahead of you maybe to escape from troops and to avoid towers !

then the king would be alone and his troops would be behind. he will have to destroy everything himself (if he can) and if his  troops behind die then he won’t get 100%. 

This topic is about changing the look of the gears. When did it say we have to suggest other things. If you want to suggest improvements in the game, please go and post your suggestions in Improvement Royal Revolt 2 topic in General Discussion.