Suggestion:Clan now replace watching video for bread

Since windows need the free bread system also,why not we replace the videos into the clan?All you have to do is ask for bread from the members of our clan.How is this?

Lol no one will give food to any one food is the most precious thing in the game even if kenneth ask to me for food i will say no to him :wink:


Good Idea CTg Catga… 

but You have to build a bakery first… :slight_smile:

Not just food , people won’t even share gold and of course not gems or pearls.Only way to share is too create new account and put them in one clan with your main account (thats easier ploughing)

Good idea, but i assume Flare is more interesting in a mechanic that creates revenues to them :slight_smile:

I think this can be a good idea since waiting for food is hard and boring enough this might make things more fun

Since windows aren’t have this free food mechanics… Mod and admin are curenntly thinking about this issue … I saw flaregames

Nice suggestion… maybe a direct trade/gift might not work out, but some way to get free bread by cooperating within an alliance would indeed be cool!


Be it an upgradable alliance farm delivering bread to all members, or some “exchange activity gifts” feature that would allow you to summon+send a free bread package to each of your alliance friends each day, or even a dungeon-like bread storage in the alliance tower that could be raided for bread instead of gold! :slight_smile:



Well if you can gain revenues from it, I guess people would indeed share their gold in alliances. Just take the “alliance farm” suggestion as an example - I guess many players would throw a lot of gold into that one! :wink:

Multi-accounting an ploughing needs to be handled, though…