Suggestion: Collect upgrades automatically when you are offline !

Hi all,


I wanna the devopers add a feature that collect automatically the upgrade once finished when you are not online. It’s boring maybe know that your upgrade is going to finish in 1h-2h but you can’t stay online, because you have to sleep or work or other things…Also if there are more than 1 upgrade in progress with the same “finish time-line” and with this problem, is even more boring… 


Maybe these upgrades are very useful ( for example to improve the defence) but by the way you don’t collect them, you’ll still have the previous upgrade of it…

So i ask to add this useful thing. Thanks.

I think this feature was a deliberate one.


I like it actually. It helps me keep track of what I upgraded the previous night and encourages less active people to log on more.

Yea, Im surprised…but I have to agree with CHILD. I kinda like having to manually upgrade things. Normally, im all for making things easier and more efficient, but not in this case.  It really doesn’t hurt you to have to manually click on things. The next upgrade wont be able to start without manual interaction anyway

There’s some truth to it, having to click for finishing makes you 1. log in to check, which is good for flare, and 2. it makes you be a lot more aware of what upgrades are completed. That means a better knowledge about what’s going on in your base and it also creates a feel of achievement if you activate/finish upgrades consciously.