Suggestion: Compensation/FREE Gifts

I hope there will be a compensation after a Server Maintenance/Updates/Bugs/Glitches/Missing Items. It would be a great idea to give some rewards after waiting long or so and losing some items unexpectedly during disconnection. Most of the time I’m patiently waiting for the items/units to be upgraded. For example, I’m always waiting for my breads in able to loot and wage war, but sometimes when I already clicked the “Attack Button”, my bread was already gone even the war was not yet started because the it crashes unexpectedly even with a good connection. And after restarting the game, my breads was already missing. I hope this could be fixed next time or give some gifts in return. Even a little rewards will do. That would be my suggestion.

totally agree, dude.

there’s a scheduled maintenance today. i hope there will be a compensation :slight_smile:

We already compensate players that lose out on league rewards because of server maintenance.


If you lost something, please contact our support team. We will be able to find a amicable solution.