Suggestion: Double Gold, Gems and ... !

Hi Royal Revolters,


I wanna share with you some my new ideas to spice up the game that seems it cannot express through the players. Here i wanna list two method to gain extra usefulness from game.


_ Double Gold: _

By the way currently most of us are not fully happy about gold and about its poor amount from opposite players, i suggest at developers (but first i ask to you guys) if there is the intention to add in the game like _Double Gold System _on Saturday and Sunday !



  1. I think adding this implementation, involve more the people to play, adding a pinch of salt more;
  2. Also low players will have the possibility to enjoy new type of advantages of getting lot of gold;
  3. During these “double gold days” you can plan to build something that you’ll never think to build !;

I don’t think also this is a big loss for only two days for Flaregames, instead i think you have to watch it as a contribution to involve even more people. If you don’t like 2 days there is always the possibility to do only 1 day (for example: either Saturday or Sunday).


Double Gems:

Also here, i don’t want to alter uses and consuption of gems, but to get here an addiction. My idea was that every month, the gems are doubled on tournment for 1 day !


The beneficts are like the same of double gold but talking about gems is always a great thing!


P.S.: As i wrote above, i do not want to bring disadvantages among players (and i hope that adding these features will not create) but only some new mechanism to revitalize a bit the game. I leave you comments.



Very interesting ideas (y) but I think 1 or 2 days out of 7 is still too much.


Also, for the gems, what if you were in the diamond league and your tournament didn’t end at the right time? People would be soo angry.

Yes, as matter of fact i also wrote 1 day if 2 days are too much =)

About gems, i though a lot about that problem of time, and still i don’t know how solve it, because lot of people join league in different time for tournments, so only few players can do that (also if the time is set on night when people sleep it’s difficult to do that), so i think that for gems more time should be right example 1 day before expire that, however i can always change the post above perfecting it. This is why i’m here to ask your opinion guys =)


It’s also possible to set for gems more than 1 day scores during a month.

just make a video out of your ideas so i dont have to read all of this 

your welcome :grinning: