Suggestion FB full screen

Hello. Mybe suggestion like this already posted but still. It wold be werry cool that Facebook users cold make full screen game. Wold be allot easyer to browse city and fights

mss73 i guess you didint clearly understund my suggestion. The facebook game dont have full screen option…

As I understand, no one here know about FB app!

It was not announced!


We all playing from mobile devices or windows 8.1/10 apps

FB app is not working at the moment (I can’t ever enter it, stops on 95% loading)

Mybe you tryed enter while maintence was launched, for me working perfectly. Of course the fb app is cuted a bit, no videos and so on, so mostly im to playing from mobile, but sometimes while at job im using the facebook app, if it wold have full screen mode then the gameplay wold be allot easyer than now.