Suggestion for a new troop



I have a suggestion about a new troop. I suggest to have a new troop that can turn your enemy troops to become in your army. I mean like magical troop that will let a cannon for example join your army when the troop throws the magical power at it. and depending on the health of each troop it will turn faster to be in your army


what do you think?

I think such a power would be more suitable as a spell for the Hero

Yea that’s nice too!

I like the idea on turning an enemy troop in an ally troop. The time could be around for maybe 10-15 seconds? I think about a spell with a medium range.

10-15 seconds would be hard to defend you castle I think. maybe 50 seconds would be good so you can use it around 2 times in a game. or a troop that can throw magic depending the enemy troop health which can be more fair I think for defending and attacking

Depends on how much you set the duration: for example 10-15 of duration and maybe 50s of reload of spell,  could be ?

I think reload 50 seconds and instant effect would be better because if longer duration it would be really impossible to defend ur castle 

Sounds more like a scroll than a spell.

But we don’t need more gems features. we need some new features that are for free

If it’s OP, and if Flare can make money off of it, then it’s going to be a scroll. Otherwise everyone would use it and we’d all be defenseless.