Suggestion for Final event for month-long 4th RR2 Anniversary Celebration: PRO Festival

The month-long event to celebrate RR2 4th Anniversary was supposed to feature the Best of the Best events. After all, it is a noteworthy achievement to “survive” four years and therefore the celebration got to be super grand, having the WOW factor in all the events. Let’s examine the events so far.

First event - Uber Granny Event. This is one of the lameness event in RR2 and having this event as the “opening” event for a month-long 4th RR2 Anniversary Celebration is a joke. Not exactly the “bang” to start off the one month-long celebration. In future, please remove this event from any important Anniversary celebration - thank you!

Second event - Alliance Party. This is a good event since it is the longest we had (week-long) but Flare can combine it with another event like a boost offense/defense event or pal collector event so that those who have already maxed their alliance tower or those who do not have the gems to upgrade their tower can still have something to look forward to during the 2nd week.

Third event - Blacksmith Meltdown. This is probably the best event everyone is waiting for. And it is week-long. But it should be the better Pearl Madness event instead of lesser Blacksmith Meltdown. And there was a hiccup at the start where the community does not know whether they should melt items before the event starts. This should be written properly to avoid confusion or clarify it soonest possible as the community had asked for an answer BEFORE the event starts.

Final event - Suggestion: PRO Festival. To celebrate perhaps the biggest money-making feature of RR2 so far - the Pro-League, which debuts in Version 3.5 on Jul 13, 2017, suggestion is to have for the first time ever a week-long festival where players can obtain Pro-Items, Pro-Pal, Pro-Ticket, Pro-Chest, Pro-Crystal OUTSIDE the Pro-League. To make the event even better, throw in brand new Pro-Items set and a brand new Pro-Pal in this Festival. Now this will be the grand finale event of a month-long 4th RR2 Anniversary Celebration that will be remembered in times to come. What say you, Flare? Like the saying goes: “Save the Best for last” - make the last event, the best.

Well it’s a really Super-Duper Idea.

But I would even suggest some pals in this festival like Aska, Nidhogg, etc. some rare pals(or may be all pals).

Highly doubt flare would be so generous

Well, to go with the Pro Festival idea, the chances are that it would be a new Pro Pal

FAIL, we got same old Bucky collector event for the final event of the History Month. Yeah, as the title it does make sense: history, so all the events were the one that we’ve got in the past. I didn’t noticed that and hoping for new pal collector (Aska or Nidhogg or etc) which now fall apart. LOL

I want a Pal Festival. Where you can get at least 20,000 of something to buy 2 or 3 pals. good for new players

Yes a Festival with longer than 15 days has not happened since the Necromancer set came out, very disappointing if the next festival has less than that