Suggestion for match making

I too like that idea.

I’m not sure if a 50% discount isn’t a bit much here (Flare probably won’t like that), but even with a smaller rebate it would certainly make the match making more attractive.

Excellent idea shyong, food mechanism should be corrected to something better…internal system sounds best

I had a similar idea - Give a time bonus (The faster you get through the more bonus you get). I think it would add another nice variant of beating bases and could return some food…

I agree…Maybe we can steal the 50% of foods from their farms…It is ok too for windows user who can get extra foood…=D

good idea shyong ! For Windows user even at level 70 it is already hard (full silo 5 raids) so more free food mechanism besides the chamber of fortune are welcomed even if it’ll require effort like winning matchmaking fight as you suggested.

This mechanic is very difficult to implement in this game. Yes I agree this is a good idea… but I also agree that this is pretty difficult as a developer to implement such mechanics. Well lets see if Flare developers can think of any other suitable/equivalent mechanic seeing your Good idea  :slight_smile:

Has my vote shyong, a positive and practical suggestion to the food issue.

I would suggest to do that when a king has reached a certain food requires.(Example:minimum 150 food for payback).Good Idea!

I guess less food for matchmaker attacks is simpler and has the same effect but the exact mechanism is not that important.

In any case a great way to make the matchmaker more attractive ^^

I don’t think it would take more than a day to implement, testing included. Maybe another day for graphics and animation if any.

I too think that should be pretty easy to implement. Probably the easiest and fastest to realize suggestion I’ve read about RR2.

But I’m also very curious about our experts opinion why exactly this should be very difficult… :slight_smile:

It’s not at all difficult to implement but we must understand,after all it’s business.With facebook invite they got promotion for game & with buying food with gems and watching ads directly proportion to their revenue. :grinning:

That’s where the difficulty lies, in the business part of it. Expect everything that makes progress / play easier to be extremely difficult to “implement” for business reasons.

Agree, I need to “fight” hard with my managers if I want to implement special services for free for my customers :slight_smile:

Well, after thinking a bit about it, if they want to encourage players to use the match making and reward them for doing so, there would be an even simpler solution that requires almost no programming effort:

Only open the doors to the chamber of fortune for successfull raids started via the match making!


This wouldn’t cost Flare any revenue, make the matcher more attractive and would most likely only piss off the players that preferred to always take the easy route into the chamber by choosing weak opponents from the favorites.

Lol when your fighting the top 10-15 players, that would just suck.

+1 go go go…