Suggestion for new game?

RR2 is a good game, but lately since the new update lot things becomes worse.

1st : almost no gold to find in bases.  Sometimes you need ours to do an upgrade.  Dena told how to manage it, but if i attack players 1000 or more trophies higher i still get max 200k

2nd : lot of towergate bases.  Perfect possible, but you can’t win much xp and trophies and gold in it.

3rd : now during war i got attacked by lot of +5000 trophie players and i lost trophies.  It is something off the game, get attacked and loose/win trophies, no problem.  But the worst is, when i attack them back i can’t win trophies from them.  Can someone tell me why  i loose trophies from them and can’t win back.  

RR2 was fun before, but of flare don’t manage to give good solution.

They can nerf spells, adjust values without warnings, so it is easy for them to fix this.

I can expert an answer in the style from : don’t cry like a baby, or leave when you don’t like it.

Not my style, but of RR2 becomes only a pay to play game i will know alternatives so i can choose what game i spent money on




Gold is indeed decreasing, but that’s due to my hidden strength, I upgrade my towers plus are nowadays forge them. We get punished for increasing offensive plus defensive power and that’s not the way it should be.A good defense should prevent gold loss, a good offense should deliver gold.

A month ago I could gain good gold from players 3500+ trophies, now I need already to search 3650+ trophies. Players 3500-3650 still give gold sometimes, but now I also see rewards 20k- there quite often, while before that was a rarity.

For me it doesn’t really matter, the pond 3700+ is still pretty large and majority of my 15M+ upgrades are reduced to troops and spells mainly (current towers are ul maxed or upgrading to max), but still it’s harder now due to defensive season boosts. The boss froster with ridiculous range makes sure no troops pass the choke point and the stargazer arranges your non ranged troops are history when they are nearby the explosion, especially when combined with jester boxes plus skull tower projectile incomings. So collecting gold now is pretty hard.

Season boosts must never be both defensive, since it makes it quite hard to beat bases. That leads to bases becoming extremely hard, while without these boosts, those bases are a walk in the park. A harder base should give more gold, but why is gold not based on a defense strength?

Honestly I never understood why gold is stolen from a player. Is it that hard to base gold from raids on defensive strength? So even deliberately opening for team players is then unattractive. Why are we even punished for offensive strength? That should not be part of the gold mechanism. 

Honestly the introduction of boosts spoiled anything (I don’t say I want go back to that game release), before all that mattered was a good offense plus strong defense. Now it all depends on the boosts, which is sad. So that should be part of the algorithm. When I raid with no boosts at all or with medium boosts versus max boosts or no boosts, that should determine gold 

The rule of not being able to gain trophies from players 700+ trophies higher is fine with me, but players 700+ trophies higher should also not gain trophies from me. 

During war season trophies should be similar like gold, they should not be lost or won at all. otherwise we get what Teamy says, players way stronger raid you and make you lose trophies, while your stronger opponents lose nothing.

Did flare even wonder why we stay low in trophies and raid players 700+ trophies higher? No? Why not? Answer is not only fror trophy stripping, it’s for the gold! When you need 15M gold and you get 200k- per raid from players around you, it’s simple math, you won’t be able to collect 15M.

You might get 5M, but when you lose 2M every time you disconnect, it’s undoable to collect the gold. You make it then to 8M and lose 3M, so it’s a struggle with extreme low loot. But when you raid players 700+ trophies higher, you find get 500k+ gold targets with ease (doubled with gold boosts) and then it’s doable.

So if you really want to prevent trophy stripping, make it impossible to raid players 700+ trophies lower than yourself plus also to raid players 700+ higher than yourself, unless we are in a war season. Then it’s no use to deliberately stay low, unless you can’t beat any base around you. Only… Make sure that bases inside your range then also contain good gold. And with that I don’t mean 250k-, nope, depending on your layer (comparable with ninja level) your gold should be based on. 

Also… When someone fails to break the gate, he should never gain trophies, when a gate is broken, a raider should never lose trophies.