Suggestion for Perk removal

In the perk removal function, the casino element to get the new perk randomly selected seems to cause a lot of frustration. Numerous posts in this forum give example of frustrating streaks of “bad luck” when trying to forge an item so that it gets a specific perk, resulting in unforeseeable amounts of gems wasted.

The following suggestion keeps the casino element intact, but allows the player to tweak chances for specific perks, at the price of an increased cost for the perk removal/replacement:

  • Add the possibility to remove specific types of perks from the list
  • When a type of perk is removed from the list of possible new perk types, the gems that would be required to do the remove/replace operation increase

Here are mockups of the suggested behavior:

Starting point. You have an item with Blunt Damage, but you want Ice Damage instead.

Then you click on the X on Fire Damage to remove it. In this example, I calculated 5 gems per 1% removed chance, so when removing a perk with 25% chance, gems increase by 25*5 = 125.

Next goes Poison and Normal Damage.

And you end up with a Perk removal screen where you can be sure to get Ice damage, at a higher cost than a random try, but at a calculable cost. Or you can try your luck at any other step, still with better chances for the expected perk than initially.

I like the idea to remove other possibilities, but elimination of an option should not be one at a time, but all the ones you want at once.

In that case you would need to pay less gems to eliminate all other options.


In my suggestion, you do not pay any gems unless you finally click on “YES”. So in the above example, it’d cost one time 590 gems, and you’d had the desired perk.

But anyway, the actual cost I’ve shown above is just an example. And btw, it was actually chosen from your suggestion in some other post, that getting a perk should cost around 500 gems max, IIRC. :slight_smile: The cost should just stay in some acceptable range, that’s all I can suggest.


What happens if you delete the Blizzard Perk lol, you can’t get a perk back! 

I know what you mean though, Thomas, I do want this implemented as it would make players not waste thousands of gems trying to get the perk they want

If you delete a perk unintentionally, just say no! :slight_smile: (Click on NO, the screen closes, it costs you nothing, and then reopen it and you can start over from the beginning, with all the perks available again.)