suggestion for pro prizes

some of our players in the alliance complain because they almost never find pro items in the boxes, I ask if it is possible to increase the percentage of obtaining pro items in the coffers pro. It would also be convenient to have all the pro items in one store so you do not have to wait months to buy the item that I like the most. thank you

While it is possible, I believe the only way to have a better chance of getting pro items is to get a better PL score. From what I’ve seen in the PL’s I play, the chests you earn are better than the chests you buy from the store. So if you could even get around 3 Pro Chests in a PL, that would give you a fair chance of a Pro Item. I always get at least 1 with 3

It would be useful a discount for pro tickets and pro chests in pro shop during granny event.

Actually i believe the chests you earn in PL are better the higher you rank. I mean if you finish in the first tier and you get 10 chest you are going to find better items in this 10 chests than if you get 2 chests in 5 consecutives PL (that are also 10). But even in that case is difficult to get the best pro items… I’m been looking for the helmet, the armor and the pauldrons of the omega set for months without luck even finishing in the top tiers more than once.

But in my opinion the main problem is that as now pro items are the best ones, people are not interested in uber items anymore (at least not as much as we used to), but as you only can get them in PL and most players just play once a month, everyone end up feeling like it’s impossible to get the items they want. Before PL everyone could get Uber items in several ways such as ninjas events, wars, the daily chest, spending gems, etc… But now you only can get them in the PL or in wars if you do and incredible score (that in the end means only top players of top alliance can’t get them) so the average player get just a couple pro chests per month that only have pearls and pal food.


Yes, this is exactly what I mean. I may have worded it wrong in my previous post, but, yeah, this is what i mean