Suggestion for the Connecting Page

So, I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve gotten bored of the same Tammy by the gate background pic that comes up while you are connecting to the game. This is, of course, a minor suggestion, but here it goes. In the game we should be able to chose what our connecting page looks like. For instance, when I first entered the game the connecting picture was a snowy castle with yeti’s and gargoyles attacking the king with pyromancers. I would love to have the old ninja event picture for my loading screen, and maybe even the first ever loading picture, which you can sorta see at the top of every page on this forum, it’s an epic picture. So, my point is, to have the same picture for 15 straight months now, can be tiring. I think this would give some players a refreshing taste, if you know what I mean. Of course, this suggestion should not be at the top of flare’s Suggestions & Improvements list, cause there are tons of much better suggestions that will help the game, but I think that this would actually be a very cool picture


Thanks for the idea. However this is not how loading screens works. I mean, I can’t change the loading screens on World of Warcraft, that’s how it is. Same goes for pretty much all the games across platforms.

Very unlikely this will ever happen in the game as Devs have a lot of work to do.

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Wait for 4.0 u will get a new one??

As KamakshyaP said, with the 4.0 you’ll hopefully get a new one.


The picture for the loading screen is embedded in the app (file ending in .apk), so you probably can’t change it yourself without recompiling. But flare could possibly change the reference to it to point to an external file (if one exists) and kinda… load that into the archive? Or make a borderless picture opening routine that overlays the loading symbol on the top. There’s other issues too such as storage access permissions and the game has to load at least some before it can call Android’s file explorer API to access the loading screen picture. Someone could probably figure it out but it wouldn’t be worth the time when other stuff is needed. 

Hey @GalaMorgane, you should post on some of the other threads instead of just saying “we can’t do that” occasionally. There’s some decent ideas floating around…

Just wait 4.0 come out. With stronghold and all. You will have a nice connection wallpaper. The pic change each update.So just wait in end of July to enjoy the next one

Rather graphics are in files - I do not know how android games work, but the files must be on the server, so graphics can change easily. BUT HAVE A LOT OF WORK.