suggestion for the game's bosses. (Read please)

Royal Revolt 2, suggestion for the game’s bosses. Read please:

Hello, my name is Javi, my IGN is: REVOLT ÖSÖ. I wanted to propose an option to put in the game if possible, and I think it would be a good choice in my point of view for all users and fans of the game. It is this: You could put a search option to place users with more than 100 medals or trophies, over 200, 300 etc. as searchable users, as well within that section because come the option users with more or less medals or cups. Let me give an example: I want to look for X person but I want that X person to have more than 160 medals or trophies to earn more points for leagues: bronze, silver, gold, diamond, etc. It is a suggestion that I perhaps have said already, but hey, it is a proposal to give the game’s bosses. Hope you like the suggestion and have some comments about it. Thanks and greetings to everyone.


Hi. I edited your post a little bit so it’s easier for everyone to understand what you mean, because I can see how you used an online translator to change it from Spanish to English, I still didn’t understand some of it, but I hope my tiny changes help everyone else get the idea better.

hello Karman, if I use a translator because I do not understand much English, all thanks and good ways, I hope you like that suggestion, although I notice that many people do not read or think it will be a very good idea for many fans game, but I did with all my good faith. Karman thanks for your help, but I think the translator that use should not be very good.

Yeah, as usual on translators, there are some grammar details that are changed in a not so correct way. But there’s nothing we can do about that xD

I’ve seen a lot of people suggest a search for high gold, but I think that would just instantly exploit anyone with gold…

This…  Searching for someone who has more trophies seems very reasonable.  Sometimes when I was trying to win a league I needed that search.

no, referring to gold I say nothing, I meant the search for users with trophies. But good is a suggestion that may or may not like, but that the heads are not better or those things, is equally respectable unwilling to do so, but it would be good for everyone. greetings and hugs.

if karman, it is true, so I apologize for the translation, but which I had, apparently this is the best does. so thanks karman.

I think he’s talking about the possibility to search for players in a certain trophy or medal range.

Yes karman

Told ya to stop changing what others wrote when you quote them, I don’t like much that idea. Don’t worry, but just remember it’s not very nice =/ 

Please  :slightly_frowning_face: