suggestion for the game's bosses. (Read please)

suggestion for the game’s bosses. (Read please) hello, my name is javi my user in the game is: REVOLT bear. I wanted to propose an option to put in the game if possible and I think it would be a good choice in my point of view for all users and fans of the game. It is this: You could put a search option to put users with more than 100 medals or cups, over 200, 300 etc etc, ie as searchable users as well within that section because come the option users with more or less medals or cups. Let me give an example: I want to look for X person but I want X person has more than 160 medals or cups to earn more points for leagues bronze, silver, gold, diamond, etc. It is a suggestion that I perhaps have said it once but hey, it is a proposal to give the game’s bosses. A greeting and I hope you like and have some comment. Thanks and greetings to all those fans Royal Revolt.

Hi, Javi. I’ll close this topic as you made an exact copy of it in Suggestions & Improvements right here. Cheers.