Suggestion for workers

It would be great if we could use 2 or more workers on 1 building that makes the building complete more faster .


Thank you for your idea But It’s mean: When I have 2 worker and one tower and lots of money then I upgrade tower to level 2 by 1 worker and upgrade it to level 3 by other worker and time of both them pluse(1h + 2h = 3 hours!)

  • 2 worker
  • Upgrade tower to level 2 by one worker. (1 hours)
  • Upgrade tower to level 3 by other worker when I upgrade it to level 2. (2 hours)

Is it true?

You can see other idea in this topic:


Not exactly sure what you mean, but I think what Syzey suggests is just halving of the upgrade time if you use 2 workers on the same upgrade.


Thinking about it in more detail it would be an extra separator for Free to play users and paid users. E.g. Free to play user has 6 workers and paid player has 12 so they will upgrade everything twice as fast. While with the current mechanics if you can earn sufficient gold for the upgrades by watching the vids. Therefore free to play users can keep up with the paid users as they would have exactly the same time constraints. And if they are in a hurry they can use gems to speed up their upgrades.

Exact ! Or maybe if it isn’t possible to half the time, at least one third if you use 2 workers.


Yeah . That’s exactly what I mean it  :slight_smile:

It’s good idea.

I add it to my Post.

I like your idea.


Thumbs up - that’s cool!

its gonna screw time waiting,i think

imagine… 1building and alot of worker to make it fast,like 8 worker for 1 building,it doesnt make sense when you realise 1 worker is 2 people to working on it like you see,

except on dungeon its really one worker there,

its just okay too fastening the building with gems,thats pretty Expensive but worth for flare

yeah, because it would be great if i can use all of my workers on the same upgrade.

To resolve the question:

  • max only 2 workers for towers/barricade; EDIT: on the same upgrade;

  • max only 3 worker for throne; EDIT: on the same upgrade;

- max only 2 worker for other structures. EDIT : on the same upgrade.

what??? i want to use all my workers on same upgrade!!

yes i forgot to write: on the same upgrade…!

I like Syzey’s idea as it is.  If you put 2 workers on the same upgrade, then build time should be reduced to half, if you put 3 workers reduced to 1/3 and so on… Anything different seems unfair to me

Or make every upgrade currently like 3x longer but there’s no limit on how many workers can work on it, so it would encourage people to do assist upgrades all the time. :wink:

This i believe will add imbalance to the game. I have 5 workers and currently want to build snake towers as they are dealing too much damage to hero. I had one tower already and added 2 more in place of others. I am in a hurry to upgrade all 3 but because only one worker can be used for tower per level, I am waiting and this helps my attackers as there is no big jump in my defense. If you were to allow more workers to work on one tower, I will be dramatically increasing my snake towers in a matter of couple weeks and that means, my defense will be much more powerfull even though other towers are all not that great. I like the way they are currently. If anything, they can reduce the time/money required for towers.

we want more workers 500 gems is way to much … i lose 8 diamond leagues in a row because some people have free food i don’t  i only get 38 gems or 75 if i am lucky after farming more then 40000 medals this is not fair what should i do use a gold shield or save gems for workers like this it will take more then a month to me to save 500 gems they should provide us free food or they should reduce the price of workers 

I just purchased a workers package. 3 workers + finish all running upgrades.


But this didn’t finish my spell, wave and troop upgrade. Is this normal or is it a bug? Can someone throw light on it?


It never mentioned anywhere that non worker upgrades will not be finished. This to me is a wrong information and I probably would never have paid 3210 gems for this upgrade if I knew these 3 will not be upgraded. @Jona /flare team… can you please fix this for me?


The Workers Package only finish those upgrading building(s).

@bugfinder :  That is my conclusion too but its not mentioned anywhere. It is plain misleading according to me. Had i know it wont cover my non worker based upgrades, i might not have spent that much money.