(Suggestion) " Free Incentives "

I think that there should be an incentive of free gems to players who login everyday and play. Think of it as a thank you gift from Flare for playing the game and supporting them.



Ex. Everyday when the player logs in and plays he gets 15 gems, this reward can only be received once per day and if the player logs in and plays everyday for a whole month straight then he gets a bonus incentive of 500 gems. 


Similar ideas have already been suggested but towards tournaments.


What are you guys thoughts ?

Honestly think that’s too good to be true

15 gems per day + 500 gems to play everyday of the month thats 950 gems per month 

yes its too much,how flare get develope if they give gems for free…


Many apps, not just gaming apps do something similar, so I don’t see any reason why not. Of course getting 500 Gems for one month of consecutive log-ins is unrealistic, maybe something like 100 gems 

It could be an idea…I agree!!  :slight_smile:

it should be rewarded when he/she online almost 6hrs and above i know some player will be online once… And within a year straight plus 1k gems for a effort we spent playing…

personally the number seems kinda high but if it grew from 1 to 15 adding 2 per day(till max of 15) that you log in and maybe 100 for the month could be realistic :slight_smile:

I would have this but I would use it as the rank incentive, so login everyday and get 1 gem,


make it top 100,000 = 2 gems

75,000 = 3 gems

50,000 = 4 gems

25,000 = 5 gems

15,000 = 6 gems

10,000 = 7 gems

7,000 = 8 gems

5,000 = 9 gems

4k = 10

3k = 12

2k = 15

1k = 20

500 =25  You get the idea, I can’t believe how many I did.

nice idea u got there weebo.!  :grinning:

I think the tournament could be stand as statement for free gems. And when we play the game well, we can win in 3 days lots of gems. Or we get 1 gem/ day with bronze league. Thats why I expect, that flare will not create extra free gems bonus per login/ day.

We can’t win enough always, 8 gems for 3 days is not great, the chances of winning diamond league is small, although 375 gmes is sufficient if you can win it.


If you come second in the diamond league 150 gem reward, but winning the platinum league 175 gem reward seems a bit unfair considering you play an extra day in the diamond.


Plus there does need to be a rank incentive throughout the whole community not just top 1000 medal bonus.

Chamber of fortune , achievement , dungeon , league and gems from defence plus free gems from tutorial.Thats a lot of free gems already , why not buy the rest if its not enough ?


Thats round about 2 gems/ day. When we take a look into your idea (make it top 100,000 = 2 gems), it will be the same as you wished. And if you be better than other (in tournament), you will direct get more than you told as before with rank 500+ within 3 days.


Fii Nami get good ideas to earn gems beside.

I’m not sure if it’s an IQ or a language barrier but many questions have been answered before, (people benefiting from 3rd world currencies/ pay more and more for higher and higher rank )


If you can’t contribute to the “free incentive” thread maybe you shouldn’t post (who mods the mods?)

To get free gems every day sounds very nice, I’m with you. All I wanna say is that we have enough options to gain free gems. Most of topics have pro and contra. I collect free gold/gems in Royal Revolt but there was not tournament option and such other stuff which could most people reach ingame.

There is plenty of opportunities to get free gems, but they are 1 time collections if you plan on playing the game for a long time you need consistent supply,

Some of the rewards are kind of out of reach like Heroesflorian just got 1k gem for 10 diamond leagues. I on the other hand can’t get that because of windows bread supply, I haven’t achieved even the 100 gem reward for 5 leagues.


I’m always thinking ahead of the problems I’m going to run into, My perspective is very different form most paid players. I speak for the 99% that don’t pay, that have left or will leave when they hit the a pay wall.  From a business perspective they contribute to their slow growth but with a few tweaks it could be one of the biggest. If I hadn’t been clever with every decision I would have bankrupted myself.

Agreeing 10 diamond league wins don’t come easy! Not even for android/ios users (at least for those, including me, who don’t want to spend hours just with watching videos).

Though - despite that being a lot, definitely! - after all it’s not even 3 diamond league wins, so in the long run (given you can win at least some of your leagues) one 1k-gem-achievement is a lot less than it seems… and definitely a lot less than all those gem rewards from dungeons, either.


An interesting alternative to “no matter what you do” login bonus gems might be increasing the tournament rewards for the places 2-15, especially places 3-9.

After all, those players were active and put effort into their tournaments, so after all they should be rewarded for it properly. (The last few places that went down a league didn’t engage considerably (or at all), and 2nd place still gets a decent amount of gems, so those might not deserve/need that much of an increase in rewards.)


#Edit: Apparently, I’m not the only one who had that idea! Also see weebo’s post in “Tournaments”:


Also, a rank-based gem incentive sounds interesting… not sure about potential “the rich get richer” problems, though would definitely be a nice motivation to be high up in the leaderboards!


That is also a great idea