[Suggestion](GEMS) Mobile Prepaid Load aside from Credits

Hello fellow Kings,

I was wondering if there is any way to purchase Gems aside from a Credit Card or any e-Cards. I hope I can purchase some Gems online by Prepaid Load or by just texting a code to purchase them because I don’t have any credit cards on hand, that’s why I’m suggesting it. Please let me know if this feature is already available in the game and help me to purchase Gems in other way. I came up with this idea because I saw this in an advertisement that this feature is available in Clash of Clans (though I’m not playing CoC because I don’t like it, not comparing). Thanks for reading this thread. I hope this will be implemented on the next update (if this feature is not existing).

me too, good idea u post this  :grinning:

I want to buy gems but i cant because i dont have any master card or credit card buying gems with mobile credit will be a good feature

But how about windows ?..  :slightly_frowning_face:

Look, it depends on your mobile company, in my case the name is Claro. So Claro allow it’s costumers to buy games just by adding some money to their telephone number and then all that costumers from Claro have to do is send a message to the company in order to specify what they want to do with that money ( if they want to call, or if they want spent some of money in social network or if they want to have Claro’s credit to buy in any stores( windows or play store or iPhon). It is lik if Claro put the credit card to paid but you have to charge it. May be your company already offers this option.

 Thanks for this information my friend. Maybe RR2 was linked with Claro. I hope RR2 will open an international feature or some e-Points systems like the other online games by purchasing a prepaid cards. Like in Level Up, Mobius and other gaming companies.

Totally yes.I can’t buy gems too because I don’t have credit card.And asking my parents is not an option.

Looks like lots of Kids (No offense) playing these games.


Carrier billing is always a welcome addition to flares coffers i would guess and for lot of users from developing countries this might be the only option. So yeah thats a good chunk of money for you Flare. I am sure they already know this.

Everyone is free to play, :grinning:

Nothing beats F2P…except your itch to spend money.

it’s your choice to be free player , and it’s other’s choice to be Rich player :grinning:

Just playing RR2. that’s All 

I hope this was recognized sooner for the next update. Because of 1.5 update. You will need more Gems because of the Alliance Tower

It’s been some years now that this topic has been discussed but I really hope that flare adds another payment option. For me it’s frustrating. I don’t do gamer cards online so I have to go to the shop 20 miles away to buy those Google play cards. 

It does exist but it depends on mobile carrier, I dont think FG have a say on this, not 100% on them at least.

Like in my country, theres 2 mobile carrier that offer in apps purchase payment while other carrier dont.

They even give 10% discount all the time which is nice lol


I think I once bought gems using phone credit, some time ago, when I started playing, I guess.


Which phone do you use ? I personnally have an iphone and two months ago, I used the money of my Apple account to buy some gems : in fact I had money on it because I received a iTunes card for my birthday. You can buy it in some shops and I think you can find it online too.

I hope it answer your question !