Suggestion how to fix the monotony in using Celestial Phoebe (or other beasts)

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The problem is actually the monotony this beast revealed. When an alliance has it, most times the whole alliance is using it. This is very undesirable, especially when your choices to attack are limited, like in wars. This needs to be addressed, and nerfing this or buffing that beast is not the right solution, because it will just shift the attention to another beast (at best).

I think the correct way to fix the monotony is very simple: FG just needs to make beasts a limited resource for alliance members. For example, in a max level alliance with 65 members, every type of beast should be limited to a max of 65/2 = 32 members. So not a whole alliance could use the same beast, at least half of the alliance would need to use a different one. This would result in a diversity of beasts that you’ll face in wars, too.

with all respect but if this idea was implemented in the game it will be the dumbs idea ever , do you want a civil war in every ally ? who gonna use phoebe and who will not … the solution is to try hard to win , we all fight in wars and we face phoebe beast all the time ,  2s with full skull gear knights ogre and wolves spells HS FS shield pal lvl 6 irmgard  that’s how long a lvl 2 phoebe beast player lvl 105 to 120  will last with all the heals  and dmg that he deals my advise is to work harder so you can beat it  we all started with that problem , how to kill it but once you figure it out it will be like cutting through butter , don’t take it head on , just push it ito your army scream and shield them  2s later it will be dead  hope this helps


That’s the worst suggestion I’ve seen so far for the complaints about this issue.
After all the effort, you want us to have the beasts but not be able to use them? 
The whole alliance work hard together to unlock and upgrade their beasts.

When an alliance has Witch Doctor, most times the whole alliance will use it.
When an alliance has Tainted Love, most times the whole alliance will use it.
So what?

If X unit is considered the best, all members want it. 
If X tower is considered the best, all members want it. 
Why is it a problem when it’s about the defensive beast??? 

Quoting myself from the topic you mentioned: “The monotony is present on every aspect of the game: it’s the same towers, same units, same paths… The beast just catches our attention the most because there is only 1 there. If we could use only 1 tower or 1 unit to defend our bases, it would be more noticeable too.”



I have a better solution. Learn how to defeat Phoebe. Slowly, players will realize Phoebe is bad and you won’t see much of it in defense.