Suggestion: more socialization

It’s pointless.Someone throws a request to the alliance.Two options - to accept or not.Why can not we somehow talk?Double pointless - if the person in the other alliance, it can not directly take!We must reject the request, and invite him again.Three pointless - if after talking in chat alliance kicked him - he will be without any alliance - neither old nor newKind of garbage …


Needed common chats (separated by language)



The game is buggy and constantly throwing out. (android and WP with less memory, I sure)Given this, the alliance chat is almost useless.Going into the fight I’m not sure I can go back to chat and read the writing.And when I write something to the player, I’m not sure what he reads! Even if he “disconnected” a couple minutes later!plusLoss of internet connection, and the conversation is interrupted

  1. If i’m in an alliance i can’t send request to join another one i like more than the one i’m in. I have first to left, then to see if i’m accepted or not and if i’m not accepted… i’m out of any alliance

Are you saying you’re leaving nemesis?

No, i’m not leaving. It’s been an experience i had before joining The Elemental Ninjas

You could’ve just said so

Atlas it doesn’t really matter, as Nemesis said it as a general example, and anyone in the same situation can experience this at any time again, so…

Though, this rather belongs to the suggestions forum! Moving…