Suggestion: New Magic Troop, Tower and Icon

Hello everybody what do you think about this,


Yesterday thinking about what will be in the new update i’m going to share my ideas (i know that could be strange) of some new things 


Electro Troop (look it has Pauldron   ) The wand has to be different !



Icon Lightining


To be clear about the damage mechanism that Electro Troop does: it’s like an exchange of electricity from an antenna to another when it attack someone nearby !

Its maximum level is 5:

Level 1: 1 lightining that transmits electricity doing damage at max 2 enemy for every attack ; ( 1 lightining that go out from the wand and once it hit 1 enemy then the lightining continue to hit through that enemy to another near it ! at max of the value indicated in this case 2 )

Level 2: 1 lightining that transmits electricity doing damage at max 3 enemy for every attack ; 

Level 3: 1 lightining that transmits electricity doing damage at max 4 enemy for every attack ; 

Level 4: 2 lightining that transmits electricity doing damage at max 3 enemy for every attack ;  

Level 5: 2 lightining that transmits electricity doing damage at max 5 enemy for every attack ; 


To understand the damage of Electro Troop is between the Froster and Pyromancer !


And why not add also a tower that has the aestethic of the wizard tower but shot lightining ? 

Lightining Tower

The mechanism of this tower is the same of the Troop…

To understand the damage of Lightining Tower is between the Firebolt Tower and Snake Tower !

I hope you understand a little the mechanism, better if you see a video of the game SMITE of the skills of character Zeus !

I think it could be funny see this type of things !


UPDATE 2 Here the video of my Ideas


We have a bunch of elements already in the game.

Lightning would be a great addition.

I like this.

Cool idea!


Also, the electricity could stun the hit troops… for a very short time of course… hmm… or maybe not… *imagines permanent stun by using an army of those … Electrizers maybe?*

The stun would be a good idea.

Just have it work like the Wolf.

Or some sort of cooldown.

Maybe stun once every 15 seconds for 2 seconds, or something like that.

Yes it could do some stun like shadow said every 15 sec for 2 seconds but nothing more otherwise we return to Stun Spell or Mummy stun and it becomes not a new thing !


this will make mr froster quit his job .

New preview tab of the Electro Troop ! You can see it in the first post at the bottom !  :grinning:

shit… pls active buff all troop :0)

wow oPelle the chain lightning is a super awesome and cool idea!! :wink:


but to avoid an army of these guys being OP like other games the damage should reduce each time it bounces 


and you kinda left it out but if they add lightning element then we def need a spell for the king :stuck_out_tongue: