Suggestion New Type of Obstacle

This would actually be a good modification for the Spike Traps, but maybe since we already have that it should be an new type of trap.

An obstacle like the spike trap, but that is invisible and invulnerable until it takes it’s first victim. 

Ergo if it were a spike trap it hides invisible under ground until the first enemy walks across it and triggers it. 

After that it becomes: visible and vulnerable.

This would allow us to put obstacles on the other side in the adjacent lanes.  And Kings couldn’t just run past a whole mess of them with Sonic Blast and kill them all.

What do you want, then? A bomb on the ground that goes boom once and then is done, like in Clash of Clans? Or a spring trap that throws units off the screen (except for the king, I hope), again like in Clash of Clans? Really I am content with the way the game is now, though.


I would rather an invisible trap have no health, and just be triggered once and then dead.


I’m not against the idea of an invisible trap being triggered and then being dead.

I never played Clash of Clans, so I can’t comment on it. 

But honestly, I think the spike traps ought to be invisible until they are triggered.  Features rarely ever get changed though, so I’m not assuming that will happen.

Albeit a real spike trap from the middle ages was really a hidden trap. 

I think that spikes and arrow towers should be much stronger even without new upgrades of them. Just administrator changes couple of attack and life values.

But new obstacle like a spikes trap would be great considering that we have 2 kinds of barricades/blocades.

I could be fire/poison trap :slight_smile: that could be overcome only when using stun/heal because it would take a lot of life (e.g. highest lvl. would cost 10k life). This obstacle could be destroyed only with a certain spell.

Like this decision process what kind of spells to use would be even harder.

When posting statements I think of game creators, how easy of hard would be for them to do a change.


The game is quite hard with 2min50sec, so I would suggest 3min10sec. - :slight_smile:



Have a nice day.