Suggestion: Ninja Event needs improvements

  1. Problem: Cooldown times after each island.

How about allow the first 4 islands & ship be accessible immediately.

Then have a long cool down time to reach the next group of islands. Then continue after each group of islands over the next few days.

There are 6 groups of 5 levels (4 islands & 1 ship), making 30 levels in the ninja event.

How about have an 8-12hr cooldown delay after each group? Rather than having a cooldown after each individual level.

This allows us humans who have school/work commitments to continue with their life & sleep. But also continue to have fun playing this game.

The last time I checked, this was still a game.

  1. Problem: Only 30 attempts allowed to finish all the levels

How about allowing additional chances to finish islands/ships?

They can be collected the same way that +2 battles & uber chests get collected.

Especially considering players get game crashes & are forced to fail a level.

In wars, only the top 3 battles contribute significantly to your score. Why not have a similar approach here? No room for failure seems a bit harsh if it is out of our control.

  1. Problem: There is no alliance/social aspect to ninja events.

Why not add an additional event that runs concurrent with the individual ninja event that exists? But design it for the alliance.

For example Group 6 alliances like you would in the war.

Have them all attempt to complete a certain number of ninja levels. An alliance of 30 will have 90 levels to complete. An alliance of 60 will have 180 levels to complete. But the group of alliances will all have the exact same levels to complete once grouped together (to be fair). The top ranked alliance wins & everyone in the alliance gets the same rewards. Then have 2nd & 3rd rewards. Etc

Same rules can apply as with war to prevent players swapping alliances & cheating.

But each player can only complete a max of 3 levels (4 attacks in total). 1 player cant do all the attacks. The weaker players complete the first levels & as the levels get completed, they get harder. So as the difficulty of the levels increases you get your stronger players to complete those levels. But you have to go in order. So teamwork is important. Makes it more exciting. Like a relay race to the finish.

Obviously the stronger alliances will have more difficult levels to complete.

I have only made suggestions here. Numbers can change. Just the idea of the format is what I am suggesting.

I love this suggestion!

It’s a 3 day event maybe make two long cool downs (which go with how humans sleep). 

Then let us hit a mess of island 3 times.

I’m level 105, and I can say do to the cool downs only, I’m never going to take out all the islands!

The battles are a joke a level 105.  The cool downs are the ridiculous. 

Hey Fadz :slight_smile: I m a little bit surprised that FG still hasn’t offered players the opportunity to purchase “with gems” extra fights in the case they fail a stage or miss a tower…Weird???

I agree too that the Ninja Event should have been an alliance thing :frowning: now that it is single mode …it s boring!!!  if it wasnt for the pearls and chests I wouldnt even bother playing it :frowning:

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO angry that the event gives different level ninjas according to trophy count!!! ONLY if u got over 6k trophies and fight the ninja event at Crazy mode u get max level ninjas…R U KIDDING ME FG??? then I guess the vast majority of players with less than 5k trophies (like me) shouldn t bother playing the event at all because the lv.11 ninjas we get r seriously weak…I lough at the damage lv.11 ninjas do everytime they attack a unit or a tower!!! 

The biggest disappointment of the event is the final stage…WHERE IS THE NINJA MASTER!!!..U KNOW…the HUGE guy with the mask that we get at the starting screen!!!..yeah THAT guy!!!..WHERE IS HE???


OK since we are in the “Suggestions & Improvements” category, I m going to make the following suggestion :

I want at the end of EVERY stage of the ninja event… a boss with AWESOME HP !!! so that it will require all members of the alliance to participate to win it. all members will have 10 chances to attack the boss, if the overall damage all the members do to the stage boss exceeds its HP, then the alliance wins the stage and moves on to the next, and the stage rewards (pearls and chests) r distributed to all members according to their contribution to the fight. LAZY members that didnt participate at all get …NOTHING!!!  of course…the last stage will have as a final boss … (GUESS WHO?) …yes …the NINJA MASTER!!!     Depending on the stage that the alliance reaches in the ninja event, will determine the level of ninjas it will get. If it fails in the first stages, then all members will get low level ninjas, if the alliance beats all ninja stages then it will get MAX level ninjas …or maybe…the NINJA MASTER HIMSELF…SUPER COOL!!!