Suggestion of adoption of skin of the mouth

Beard (various forms), cigarette / cigar, lipstick, fangs, food, spoon, mole, pacifier.piercing etc

I think it would be interesting to research from everyone you want to put around the mouth of the protagonist and to skin popular ones.

For example, like this


Items in the mouth (e.g. Cigars, cookies, etc.) belong with new items imho, however, I really like the idea of facial hair. This should definitely be implemented!

バラ王子.PNG I made three more samples.

We are not only looking at the back of the fighting king or queen.


The king who changes clothes and decides the pose of each part

We see kings and queens on the battle win screen too.

This opportunity should be very numerous.

What do you want to project today on this king or queen?

It is you today? It is you a child?・・・ is you a favorite king or queen?
If you like something you like, take a screenshot and try to share or print out if you are satisfied.

May this be the lovely king or queen that is always beside you. It is such an idea.