Suggestion: Option to send a message to a specific player

I really want to send an email in-game but i cannot do it because the game isn’t implemented at all. The card “mail box” is useless if i cannot send a simple mail. So please add this important thing.



There is a chat feature but it only works with players if they are online at the same time as you are because it is temporary, if someone is online after you’ve written the message then he won’t know anything what you said. But everyone cannot be online at the same time. You can also post a short message in Alliance Message. But sometimes we want to sent special messages to specific persons (Example : If someone isn’t donating or has very low trophies and is continuing to lose them). So I think if we could sent messages, it would be nice! :slight_smile:

Yes, please implement!

+1. In game messaging system shouldn’t be too hard or take up much space

but this would become  very annoying for people like MasterE, because he would get like 1000 mails a days

They could add block list so he can block people.

block certain people? block everybody? block everybody except these people? all three? 

but i meant you would need buttons for blocking everybody, unblocking everybody, blocking a certain individual, and unblocking a certain individual. also, i think you would need better servers, more like the ones facebook and google have, to do this.

Yes of course it need a button like the add to favourite.

even more buttons!?!! groan people want a star button next to the info button, and you want a chat button next to that?

Yeah I agree… but be patient… we have just had the possibility to make an alliance… as you could see, the iOS version took time to be released because there were many bugs at the beginning (the few first days on Android, I could see players and alliances twice in the list for instance…).


So we must wait a little bit and when the developers would decide that all the versions are stable enough, then they will implement more stuffs in the game… adding too many stuffs in an app in the same update is the worst way to work… Instead of asking everything right now, we should thank Flaregames for this awesome update! :slight_smile:

Yeah, you’re right! I’m doing also some MCU/Android programming and the best way is to be sure everything is fine before going further!


So yeah, I understand these players but to be honest, I don’t think we’ll have more features before 2015! So wait and see… and hope! :slight_smile:

3 weeks left… I would say 2! Everyone has vacations for Chrismas! But I’m sure we’ll have plenty of great new features next year!

i don’t have vacations for Christmas :slightly_frowning_face:

Still, (part of) the flare programming or testing team might have, and that’s enough not to have updates :grinning:


Having said that, I’d like to see an ingame PM system, too, at least for members of the same alliance.


Moving this to suggestion forum + adjusting title a bit.

Well, maybe for as long as the current mailbox history lasts?

Also, a kind of “pm to all alliance members” option should be added to quickly get news to everyone in your alliance.

Limitation of pm in general to inside alliance btw was just an idea to reduce potential of spam - if only members of your alliance can pm you, then the number of people who can message you is limited to a relatively small number. Another option might be alliance + friendslist who can message you/are accepted?