Suggestion: Pets

Hello everyone and dear Staff,


A new excting feature could be the insertion of Pets that give you a bonus like:


  • Gold Bonus;

  • Speed Bonus;

  • Leadership Bonus;

  • Attack Damage Bonus.


Each Pet has only one bonus, and each pet can be bought for 5M by the Granny Shop and you have only 1% to find it. You can equip only 1 at time and you can use them everywhere !


The aspect of these Pets might be orbs that float around the Hero, like the magic red spheres thas has the Castle Gate to understand.


Enjoy or not. Leave a comment if you want !



Lol i like your ideas ! :slight_smile:

I like the idea but I think it would be way over powered

Depend on the bonus you put in.

Hmm… not too sure… would the pet have any other function beside granting you a fixed/permanent boost of some sort?


I’m asking because… a fixed bonus that is just there could also be implemented with another item slot for hero gear, called “aura” or whatever?

Might be a lot simpler to put into the game than a pet - except the pet has some more use than what you mentioned so far? 

So i though about a sphere that round the hero during the match so an aesthetic thing to see, but about physical attacking it hasn’t, because it gives only bonus to hero.