Suggestion: Players be more polite / Flare do not overreact, be helpful

Hey guys,

Sometimes the voice of reasoning is needed. I feel now is the time for it, so this is my suggestion. I hope many of you will listen and follow. This Forum indeed should be a friendlier place where players suggestions will actually be heard, considered and answered in a constructive way from both players and Flare.

So, the Devs and Madlen want us to be more friendly and polite. This is not too much to ask and very understandable. While this is something that is not easily achieved over night or with a set of new rules, I suggest we - the players - all try our best and tone down and just try our best to be nicer in the future.

There were reasons for things having developed to the current state. Mostly because this Forum has been abandoned for a long time by Flare and players have been left alone with their frustration. When I joined here a few years ago, it was a much friendlier place. Alysea answered many important questions and there was some kind of mutual respect, but also humor (on both sides). I hope we can get there again.

So, everybody, lets try a new start, be polite and respect each other, the Devs and our CM Madlen. They all deserve a chance for a new beginning. If you want to use sarcasm or other forms of humor, think twice if it is really helpful, meant in a friendly way or maybe not. If you just want to rant about something: Do not write anything now, come back with a cool head and say what is bothering you in a constructive way.


On the other side, strict censorship and excessive closing of threads does not lead to anything constructive and will cause a lot of bad feelings among players and will turn them away. Players want to be respected. And I am sure Madlen does not want to spend all her time locking or hiding things. So, this clearly has to change too, otherwise it is like pouring oil into fire.

But what I think is most important: Sometimes players just want answers they can relay to their Alliances. Even if it should be a negative answer or knowing that things will take some time but are at least being worked on. As Madlen is working directly for KeenFlare, this is something that should be possible now.

To the Devs and Madlen: Be truthful, listen and answer to us. Ignoring / sitting out our concerns creates anger. Share what you can and try to communicate about good suggestions or the reasons for players dissatisfaction. Respect can be mutual again, but trust will only be build over time. Too many things went wrong in the past. It is time for you Flare, to do your part and correct them in a smart way !

I know some of you will laugh about this post or just find it naive. But these are simple truths. Everybody please try your best to improve the situation and both sides can win. We all want a better game and not people running away like they are doing at the moment.

Thank you and try your best!

I agree with you MK but everyone knows why the players are frustrated i.e. not getting the replies (correct ones) from Flare and if someones gets something i.e. Topic Closed and Comments Disabled…

Yes, Vikas, this has to change. Otherwise there is no point to write here or have hope for the neccessary adjustments in the game. I will not be waiting for sudden miracles. We will need feedback. And I am willing to do my part to turn this into a friendler place if that is Flares wish. But friendly only will not do the trick. Then I better meet with my friends. We are here for a reason. Flare has to understand that.

I left the game because I did not get solution of my problems so decided it is better to spend my time with my family instead of banging against the wall called Flare Games…

Yes, I know my friend. And it probably is a healthy decision. ?
Many of us long-term players are still in the process of deciding what do do and how/if to proceed with the game. So Flares reaction will be very important. Sitting it out/deleting White Flag Threads are not helpful. While I am trying to help for now, my patience also has limits…

I can understand this Situation MK and many players are facing the same thing. Now we have to see that for how long players can tolerate all this BS.

Lets just use a different language. Really no need for such words. ?

Yeah you are right… My bad!!!


I wish everyone had your patience. It would make the world a much more peaceful place.

She is still censoring negative comments about the game though. Let’s see how she reacts to the new white emblem post i am sure she will delete it. Ps- this is my second post and i already have 10 warning points. I might get permaban after this comment 


You are going to get banned  :wink:

I am not censoring negative comments.^^ That doesn’t make sense. I am censoring Nazi or hateful comments, which was the case for your warning. And yes, your name, your profile pic and discussing my actions in public all are against the rules of conduct because you are doing it to troll. And with comments like these you are getting comments deleted. But then I am the bad person again because I don’t want to see Nazi comparisons in the forums? Doesn’t make sense. But to show a sign of good will, I am not deleting the last two comments now and this is now your final warning. Feel free to give your opinion about the game anytime in a constructive manner but without using hate speech or shaming staff.

Thank you!

People overact because flare dont react :wink: There are way too many bugs.problems, things that could be solved easily - THEY ARE NOT.

Developers are deaf.

I suppose THEIR OWN FORUM is appropriate place to discuss their own game/problems/suggestions, dont you think so?

Excuse me, didn’t you delete so many posts from different users who tried to question flare and you? What was hateful in @PicklePete 's post? He didn’t even used bad language or insulted anyone. You deleted three of his posts and then when he made a good bye post you deleted that too, why?  Isn’t that dictatorial. You also deleted William22 lots of post. I don’t think he was being toxic, it came to a point that William asked you to delete his account from forums. You immediately delete everything which questions your way of handling community or when you don’t have any explanation of your wrong actions against community members. You try to hide everything from forums by leaving no trace. You permabanned @hulk coz he made a post against your censoring. And @Maestro   and@MMaestrotoo lol, including few other new accounts from maestro. You thought nobody will notice it ?

You close all those threads where you were uncomfortable in answering community members about your actions including your statement one. If ot was not all those complaints from respected community members like @MagischerKoenig and others i am pretty sure you would have deleted the new white emblem post too. And after all this you felt bad for getting compared with one of the dictatorial regimes. Don’t act like you’re the only victim here. And so kind of you to not permaban me immediately and not deleting my last two posts? Btw what was wrong in my first post? I don’t think it violated any rules? I hope you don’t delete it due to your personal issues. 

And i am sure you will delete this post too and permaban me within minutes of me posting this here. 

Why don’t you let other community members and delete it after anyone finds it offensive?  

Apparently we are not allowed to to general discussions with our fellow players in a sub forum called general discussions that in my opinion is not democratic at all. 

Ps- if anyone is reading this  that means i am not banned yet ?

Also i didn’t added screenshots of deleted posts or gave details of evey coz i know this will get deleted within few minutes. 

Oh man, William22, @hulk and @Maestro are not here any more?
That clearly must be a mistake. Those are all good and important guys for the forum. ?

I understand new rules have to be enforced to a certain level to be taken seriously. But if the losses are that high in such a short time, that is not right!

Yes, I also heard that they were banned ?. As far as I remember them, they were respected by members, giving good advices in the past. 

"…discussing my actions in public all are against the rules of conduct"

Really? Discussing the actions of a CM in Public is against the rules??? What is going wrong here? 

"And with comments like these you are getting comments deleted"

Sounds like a personal thing between you two. 

"But to show a sign of good will, I am not deleting the last two comments now and this is now your final warning."

I didn’t see any inadequate things in his/her last postings. I have difficulties, understanding this “sign of good will”. Especially beacuse you have issued another warning. Why? 


There are some things which i REALLY don’t like in a forum: Consorship, deleting and arbitrary closing of topics! this is unacceptable.


Great speech MK!! This is exactly what we need and I certainly hope that this will become more peaceful and less harsh