Suggestion: Players be more polite / Flare do not overreact, be helpful

Doesn’t look like it though. It seems the relationship between flare and it’s players/forum users is in itself toxic and abusive. One day everything’s fine and fluffy and the next there’s torn limbs and dangling eyeballs. Kinda like the bipolar disorder.

Use of flaming words or sentences is a serious offense and you could be banned anytime. Because you are neither a moderator nor the dev. 

You have no rights. 

So please don’t get banned before me. 

You have much more useful information than many of us have ??


Reading your post was more fun than time i spent in game today. 

Thanks buddy ?‍♂️

Fxxk off for delete posts. 

U are not the god. U are nothink. 


Good luck with dirty people from Poland.

Grubaz, you know exactly why your post was deleted. I even mailed you a message about it,  and additionally asked for your game feedback in it, said that I am interested in your opinion, and asked you to work together before writing such posts. I will not repeat your dirty comment here because that is why I have deleted it. It was shameful and hateful to all women.

Also some people in this thread asked me to be deleted…It will look now like I have done it for censoring, but this is not the case… just saying.

I think this is a good example for a very stúpid post. And nevertheless, i like it that Madlen did NOT delete it. So that everyone can see it and form their own opinion. If you want to complain about something, you should post it in an constructive manner.

Bro, we must always maintain decency. I am sure you must be having female members in your family and friends too

So please refrain from such actions. 

All this talk about deleted posts gave me a sudden Broken Matt Hardy flashback.


Hear, Hear!


Thank you for this post ??? 


Yes its a bit extreme the language in the rules and excessively vague.

Like the no reposting flare communications?

Honestly the fact that a representative of flare chose to send that out to the public realm is in no way a responsibility of the receiver.

I don’t think I should be made responsible for anothers actions. If I feel the position stated is wrong and would like feedback from others then that is an entirely rational and acceptable behaviour. And is normal in every sense … 

Given the history of this site a 2-3 month introduction (warning only except for the old rules) would have shown a greater personal accountability for the state of things.

Anyway, I stopped posting a lot as it was pointless and now it seems to be follow the furry butt in front. Being upset about something is not a crime and expressing that to different levels is in many ways more elucidating than the drab comment.

Unless you want to curb peoples passion for the game? Yes all of those emotions are important. Being frustrated by something shows its a challenge, Seeing the replies provides not only clarification but also… yes others have experienced that too. 


I hope you find this helpful?