Suggestion: Remove the terrible screen shakes & Blitzing Mummy Stun/Froster/Storm Cannon Effect

Or at least decrease those unnecessary-terrible-painstaking effects. Those boom-blitz-earth-quacking effects really hurt my eyes and nerves. More than 1 year playing this game really affect my eyes and nerves health. Don’t want to get seriously ILL cause of this blink-blink game. From recorded battle videos comparation: > Seen those bombastic effects at platform: Android, iOS. > But not seen those rrr effects at Windows platform. It means Flare can fix (remove) those eyes & nerves hurting effects.  

And the intense shaking of sonic blast then the mummies die and make that light effect coming from the sky.and the knights are stacked and when they are pushed they spread out causing my army to glitch because there is no space and then I eventually crash :slightly_frowning_face:

I don’t like Froster’s effect too. It shakes the screen too much!

fixated to this game, i have to visit my ophthalmologist for prescriptions, already did 2x. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’d say I’m addicted and passionate about the game but your just plain crazy if you go to the point where you need prescriptions, listen to the kids advice for once will ya ;D

that’s after over 1 years of torment-to-my-eyes, tremendous & more terrible blitz-blitz + shaky-shaky, finally my eyes have given up.

I would like to add as well: when there’s lots of Frosters and I don’t have a spell ready to kill them the screen shake effect of them all attacking together sometimes makes my touchscreen not work  :angry:

It just keeps shaking and shaking and shaking I have to wait very important, and sometimes crucial, seconds till it gets back to normal 

It’s been over a year that I requested an “enhanced graphics” toggle on/off  button on the game settings. That will solve many problems including:


  • lag on high level gameplay(when many troops are on screen)
  • lag on low/medium end devices.
  • excessive processing use / battery drain
  • people slowly killing their eyes and approaching blindness 
  • people getting seizures. 


as a matter a fact, I too have sensitive eyes and get eye strain/ feel dizzy after playing for some time. It’s not as serious as in other cases but still Flare needs to take care of the health of its users.

Yes we need on off button for “enhcanted graphics”

Some people want those effect but some dont want

With on off button sure solve the problem

Just only 1 Froster make you in trouble the screen making difficult not only the raid but also the perception of where are you.

Have you ever seen guys a group of frosters what can do? the result of shacking is really too much, and the problem (because i call this a real problem) is not related only for some type of devices. Each device is affected. I would like that they reduce this effect at least of 50% less than what it is now because when we want to attack we don’t need to rack one’s brains every time because there are all of these frosters.

I understand that developers added this effect to make the idea of freeze so something that block/shock, but you have done it too much, simple.


So the request here is: Decrease shacking effect of 50% at least for Froster.

Agreeing to everything above. 


In addition to that, while I can (at least from a “logics” point of view) understand the earth quake screen shake for the sonic blast spell, I never got why it was even there at all for frosters.

I mean, why? Does it shake for pyromancers or mortars? Nope. Then why for frosters?

If anything, they freeze things in place and slow them down, but the hectic screen shake earthquake thing is the exact opposite of slow and unmoving. It just doesn’t make any sense at all.

If you want to give us some special effect, make frost/ice appear on the edge of the screen just as anyone else would do, but no earthquake. 


Having that said, I definitely vote for an on/off toggle for those effects altogether. 

Ah, Heroesflorian, this feels better!  We’re disagreeing again!




It’s a game not a science project.  I don’t need to see it clearly I just want to enjoy it, and feel that it’s epic! 

The reason I downloaded the game was those epic little effects caught my eye and I still love them!

@maerique thats why on off button is needed

U want those effect just keep it on

I do think alot of player dont like its phone lagging cos of those effect

Its suck to lose a raid because of that

Yeah, that I understand.

And obviously only an ass would disagree with the idea of an on/off button!




(Just pay attention to the on/off of it.)

It may not be science, but cold causing earthquakes still doesn’t make sense, while cold causing freezed screen edges (e.g. sth similar to that: make some sense.

At the same time that’d also increase the variety of “epic effects” (earthquake for sonic blast and frosted screen for froster, instead of only earthquake).  :grinning:


Anyway, shortlisted the toggle option suggestion here: