Suggestion: Rewards for Energy spent

Just a suggestion from my experiences in conquest so far:

In the ninja event we earn coins, in wars we earn skulls, but in conquest we are on a more equal playing field and I feel like it’s a missed opportunity, to encourage participation by all alliance members, to earn personal chests according to the number of Energy points spent. It would be helpful to me, personally, as a general trying to get participation among everyone, and it’d help members who previously didn’t participate to feel more needed, based on effort rather than level or strength.

Base it off a 0-tech line where earning the last chest can be done with about 80-90% participation, I think, including starting energy plus regeneration, and perhaps make the first chest give gold toward the alliance’s treasury, to give newbies the right idea (if possible, though that part of the suggestion isn’t necessary).

The only big complications I can see right away are communicating this reward, and the efforts by enemy alliances to stall groups of people by attacking them continuously for days in succession. Perhaps I should have suggested a cooldown for being able to attack a specific tile in conquest, but I’ll leave that alone.