Suggestion : Save and load base designs

Hello !

A suggestion that I would really like to see is, as said in the title, to be able to save and load a base design!

Sometimes, I totally change my design, and when I finally decide to come back to my previous design, it is quite frustrating to move towers/obstacles and paths one by one.

I know that it could be difficult to code, but well, it’s the “Suggestions & Improvements” section, so ! 

Just 2 saved designs would be really great ! Maybe the option could be accessed from the tent ?

Thank you :slight_smile:  

This has been suggested already, and yeah it would be cool if we could do that.

Oh ok, I have searched in this section to see if it have been asked before but didn’t find anything, sorry then ! :slight_smile:  

Don’t worry, your participation still shows the RR2 Team that some players care about this idea.

Btw. this feature should include the waves :grinning: