Suggestion to Make Alliance Recruiting Easier

It is often seen in the Mailbox, in-game, that players will have donations much less than what is required. To make it easier for generals to see if a player has the minimum donations, at least, make a new feature where players can only apply to an alliance if they have the donations that an alliance requires. For instance, an alliance can toggle the donations up to what is needed. The “apply” button will be grayed-out so that players cannot apply if they don’t reach the minimum.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Alliances should still be able to invite players below the donation requirements. Just in case they want friends or family in the same alliance

Yes, please! As a general it’s really painful to keep denying requests from players who don’t fulfill the required trophies, king level or donation size.

I’m envious of your predicaments.


One could make alliance preferences a very powerful tool. Not just limit alliances/layers to those of correct donation level, but language, player level, there are many things you coul filter alliances by.