Suggestion: tower that spawns units

A tower that looks like a chess rook. Charges for a time, then spawns a random crowd of units, the size of which is dictated by the tower’s morale. Level the tower to increase its morale and therefore, the size of the crowd that the tower can spawn. Start at maybe 8 morale, go up to 20 or so. All units except monsters can spawn and they take on the boosts the alliance has active.

Boosts could increase health/morale of the tower, buff spawned units, make the tower do some damage on its own, heal passing troops that are allied with the tower, etc. 

Already in Olympus Rising call Charon Tower. Who spawn random units : spearman and warrior and with boost Siren

We all know RR2 don’t copy OR stuffs so the idea is good but maybe because you have stop play OR you didn’t know this


Yeah I didnt know. Not everything has to be original, if it works well in one game I see no reason not to bring it another. A lot of players that play rr2 don’t play OR, and vise versa

I know you have right but I don’t think Flare like to add the same thing in both game. that why we still don’t have defense layouts or all equip function, unequip scrolls,etc… RR2 suffer because its OR who got all the awesome idea. Because kind of RR3

Yeah, I like this idea. I suggested something similar to it last year. I called it the “knight tower” where Knights were atop a tower and would drop down in front of the path and fight you. But I like your idea of having them come out in batches and then having the tower recharge, better

Kinda like controlled defense ninjas, huh. Cool. Could spawn random dudes or there could be specific settings for those towers to spawn only one type. And it could be some new troop unavailable for regular summoning.

I like this idea.

We have some boosted towers which spawn units after their death/distruction, while gargoyle boosted tower spawns gargoyles when it’s alive.

Agree with Revolt here. Now that we have conquest boost. We have trioxin who spawn Zombie with Snake Tower and when you destroy a blockade we have mummy who come out. So a lots of boost spawn enemy already when a tower is destroy. No need more or the defense will be too much OP

imagine a base full of Trioxin Tower who spawn Zombies, full of necromancer boosted who spawn skeletons by tons. If you add others boost who spawn units. The result will be a OP defense where nobody can beat. So if you add a Tower like a Ghost Tower who spawn random units. I am sure the complain in the forum will be horrible. Exactly like after the server update of august where a storm of rage have come on this forum

good idea on paper but don’t fit in RR2

Sounds like a problem with other towers being OP, not mine. And those towers do damage while mine does not. You’re essentially sacrificing a tower for some extra units. So it depends on your defense and strategy whether it will make your base stronger or weaker.