Suggestion: Waves Problem... too much time and gold for low morale!

I’ve created a table that I think is acceptable as (where the morale of the waves increases by 2 in 2).

I don’t created a lot of changes, i’ve only decreased a bit the time and the gold needed to upgrade them.


  • In red i made ​​changes about the gold.

  • In green i made changed about the time.



Probably most of you accept this or dont accept.

The only thing that i can think is about other topics where is wrote that you could use more than 1 worker on the same building etc.

So I would link these two improvements at the same time if you would realize on the next future patch.

I red that it took like 1 year and over to do all constantly without interrupt, and it’s real crazy!

Share your opinion here.



On top of what oPelle suggested, I hope Flaregames can let us upgrade different waves simultaneously (Maybe able to upgrade max 3 waves at the same time)


It’s good idea. we able to upgrade 2 or 3 waves at same time.


I think that taking a long time (not necessarily a year; maybe more like half a year?) is a good thing; otherwise people that pay medium amounts of money could be in the top ten in, like, 6 weeks or less. The time it currently takes forces you to either: 1. Pay tons of money, or 2. Be patient.


Both of these solutions are acceptable, in my opinion; although I would like the upgrades to be shorter and cost less.


What he said. I feel ya, im trying to max all my waves. It needs to be slightly easier. But just slightly. Just two waves at a time would be fine by me. Gotta have something to work towards.

I feel it should be shortened a little bit. Or make it so it can’t be purchased so somebody can’t just sprint ahead and you are left a year behind. Too late now of course, however if they do add features in the future I hope they take it into consideration.


The gold is not expensive at all. Because I can only upgrade like 1 every three/four days. I can easily builld enough in that time. Most of my workers are busy so there is nothing much else to upgrade.  It wouldn’t bother me that much if each wave was minimum 5 mil. after 5 mil I start needing gold shield.


I do like the fact that their is something to do, even when all towers are maxed, It just bothers me that castle guard pionts are quite important.